We just finished our first online UConnect class this week. All students would receive an A+ if I was giving out grades. Why? Because every single one is connecting and communicating with their animals – telepathically!

Dog trots in to say hi

In our first session, one of the students not only connected with her own dog and guinea pigs, she also noticed a golden retriever trotting in with his tail held high—and he wasn’t her dog! He just wanted to say hello. Turns out it was another student’s dog. He’s a friendly goof and we were not surprised he stopped by.

Cats being nicer

Later in the class, another student had a couple of friendly chats with her former feral cat about not shredding her hands when she tried to trim her nails. After these telepathic “chats,” the cat climbed into her lap and actually offered her paw! If you have killer cats when it comes to trimming nails, you know that’s a major win.

My unexpected breakthrough

I even had my own breakthrough! Two of my cats, Mac and Shadow, were listening in even though they weren’t officially in the class.

That’s nothing new; they eavesdrop on my animal communication sessions all the time!

I had tasked my student with asking their animals for a change. As an example, I explained that I had been asking Shadow to play less harshly with Mac; I wanted them to start enjoy each other’s company.

And that week, I saw this! Can you see Mac (the white cat) smiling in his sleep?

You can do this!

These are the requirements for success:

  1. You really, really, really care for your animals.
  2. You desire to connect more deeply with them.
  3. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone and try something new.
  4. Show up for the sessions and practice what you learn.

How do I know this?

Because I became an animal communicator later in life. My experience says it’s a gift inside us that can blossom and it’s a skill we can practice and hone.

Will you be the greatest animal communicator who ever lived?

Heck, I don’t know. Maybe. But my goal for you in this UConnect class is this:

  • You have solid evidence that you’re connecting with your own animals.
  • Your life is richer and more satisfying because of that connection.

“I always felt that I had a connection with my dog, Emma, but I wanted to know for sure – and fine tune my intuitive skills. I wasn’t very confident about my ability to connect telepathically – in any way, shape or form – until I took Maribeth Decker’s UConnect Class. Thanks to Maribeth’s teaching and guidance, I have learned to not only connect with Emma, but also with my two guinea pigs and other UConnect members’ dogs! Maribeth creates a sacred environment for us to share our vulnerabilities, stories, frustrations, and celebrations. I’m so glad that I registered for UConnect. Emma is, too (she told me)!” – Jill Celeste

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