Is there a science behind telepathic communications? Yes! Quantum mechanics provides a way to explain this.

Newtonian laws of motion (classic physics) are great for explaining how the universe works in the day-to-day world. It concerns itself with atoms.

Classic physics doesn’t explain how the universe works on a subatomic level. But quantum mechanics does.

Disclaimer: I am not a quantum physicist, so my explanation is probably somewhere below “Quantum Physics for Dummies.” Feel free to explore more on your own.

Everything is energy

Let’s start with Einstein’s equation, E = mc2. Energy = mass times a constant squared. That means everything in our world is energy.

Even physical objects are energy. They’re just vibrating slower, so we experience them physically as particles, not waves.

A good analogy about how higher vibrations change a physical object is water. When it vibrates very slowly, it’s ice. When it vibrates faster, it’s water. If it continues to vibrate faster, it becomes steam and then water vapor. We don’t see water vapor in the atmosphere, but it still exists.

This second reality explains telepathic communications

While we operate in the world of cause and effect, and experience time as linear, there is another reality underlying classic physics laws. This other reality is what’s going on at the subatomic level.

Quantum physics experiments have shown that at the subatomic level, stuff acts very differently from what we experience daily. The “laws” of time, space and distance don’t work the same way.

Read ScienceNewsExplores’ article, The Quantum World is Mind Bogglingly Weird.

Becoming aware of it helps our logical minds understand why we can receive and send information intuitively.

Research seems to indicate that:

  • The subatomic universe may operate outside of time and space; it’s called entanglement.
  • Human consciousness can influence objects we would consider inanimate, like subatomic particles.
What is quantum entanglement? | Science News

How our body receives telepathic information

Our brain is designed to take energy/vibrations and translate it into information.

Technically, our eyes do not see. Our ears do not hear. Nor does our skin feel. Instead, they collect data/energy and send it to the brain. The brain translates it into sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell. And even talking, singing – it is the brain that allows us to hear the words, the song.

Emotions, sensations, thoughts, memories are telepathic vibrations

Emotions are energy, thoughts are energy/vibrations/waves. Even memories are energy. In our waking life, they cannot be experienced like a dog or a house. But they have an impact on the quantum level.

So when someone (including our animals) experiences an emotion or thinks a thought or has a memory or feels pain, they have created an energetic vibration. And so do we.

In my experience, other species have not lost this natural ability to perceive information such as thoughts and emotions. But most humans have only focused on the Newtonian version of the world.

When you get that, really get that, possibilities for telepathic connections open up. We could learn to turn our telepathic ability back on and connect intuitively with our animals.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed

Bonus gift – – Einstein also said energy can neither be created or destroyed. So if something existed, the only thing it can do is change form. Not disappear forever.

Which I love because it explains why I can connect with animals who have passed — Their personal energy, their essence lives on even when their body perishes. And we can contact them!


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