Grace is a beautiful kitten who lives on a boat in the Caribbean. She’s the First Mate and her person, Kristin is the Captain. Kristin (a UConnect graduate) and I have been “talking” to Grace (using our animal communication skills)since she was a wee kitten. We talk about kind behavior and the rules of safe living when you live on the ocean.

Can you imagine how fascinating it is to see the world through Grace’s eyes? I’ve had fun.

Kitties who live on boats just wanna have fun!

That means stalking, biting, and scratching their kitty companions. But Kristin’s human. She doesn’t have fur. We continue to ask Grace to hone her killing skills on her toys, not Kristin. More and more, she treats Kristin with gentleness.

Grace is so smart. She listens when I ask her to use soft paws (no claws) to touch Kristin. She has agreed with our request to find toys to play rough with instead of Kristin’s feet or hands or head.

And she remembers that Kristin’s hand is not an invitation to play. Kristin wants to show her love through petting and ear scratches.

Living the fast life

In order to get to land, Kristin and Grace need to take a fast boat. For safety, we told Grace she’d be in a harness or backpack. She didn’t love it, but she understood Kristin wants to get her there safely.

Silly humans need sleep at night

We remind her that silly humans need to sleep at night; we don’t cat nap during the day. We explain the perks of letting Kristin sleep – Grace greets a happy human in the morning instead of a slightly grumpy one. Everyone wins!

Staying safe when you live on a boat

Grace needed to have a plan if she fell into the water. So we talked to her about loud meows and finding the ladder on the starboard side if she ended up in the water.  So far, so good.

Enjoy this story of a kitten who learned how to get back on her boat. Amazing!!

smart cat swims back on boat

You and your cat probably don’t live on a boat in the Caribbean. But you may still have kitty issues. I’d like to help using animal communication!

Work with Maribeth!

PS – US Navy and cats

Being retired Navy, I just had to see if there were any good stories and pictures about cats on US Navy ships. There sure were! Read this article of cats on Navy ships!  (There’s a cat and a dog in the picture below.)

cats on ships

From US Naval Institute – Crewman of the USS Texas pose with mascot dog and cat on the muzzle of one of the ship’s 12-inch/35 guns, ca. 1900. Built in 1892, The Texas was the first U.S. battleship.