Do you ever feel your animals are stuck in a past that holds few fond memories? How long is it going to take them to adjust to this new life? They shake uncontrollably for no reason; they eat food like it’s their last meal—and heaven forbid anyone comes close; they growl and bare their teeth at people or animals with such ferocity that we tremble at what could happen; or they destroy furniture when we leave them behind.

In my communication sessions, I explain to these animals, “That was then, this is now! Let go of the past!”

Use Your Advantage

Your animals are already telepathically tuned into you, so start using this to your advantage!

First, imagine what it’s like to be them – scared, fearful, hungry, or distrustful of animals and people. Picture what it might feel like to worry that you’re going to be abandoned and/or lose someone you were close to. Feel the feelings.

Be sure to focus on empathy, not sympathy. Not, “Poor baby.” More like, “Wow, that’s a rough way to see the world, must be pretty awful.” Do this in their presence. Verbally tell them you get it.

Feel All the Good Feels

Then tell them, THAT LIFE IS OVER! They have fallen into the lap of luxury, won the lottery of billion-dollar animal lives, they’re in their forever home with someone they can count on, who will take care of them, and do their best to give them food, enjoy their company, and keep them safe. Because that’s the truth, right?

When you do this, FEEL the emotions you’d like them to feel—overwhelming love, gratitude at seeing their amazing good luck, and counting their blessings!

Give them permission to let go of the past. “That was then, this is now.” Tell them not to waste their unbelievably beautiful second chance worrying about stuff that isn’t going to happen anymore.

(By the way, my clients continually astound me when I hear how good they are to their animals! I half-jokingly tell them that I have just connected to my dogs and cats to remind them not to expect that from me—because my animals do listen in. Sincerely, I can’t cook worth a darn, so I don’t want my animals thinking I should start making their meals!)

And then talk out loud to them. How lucky are you? Do this regularly Tell ‘em what’s going on when things are changing and tell them they’re going to be just fine. Tell them meals will ALWAYS be on time and yummy. Whatever they need to hear.

Give them permission to be the dog/cat/bunny they’ve always wanted to be!

Lovingly Remind Them


Brown dog in the woodsSometimes my dog Tibor still gets all crazy scared when he hears a siren and wants to drag me home.

I stop walking, pet him and say, “This is OUR walk anymore. You’re no longer that dog! And we’re not going to let that dang siren ruin it, right?” Then I wait until he calms down and we keep walking. The changes didn’t happen overnight, but there’s a vast improvement.


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