Here’s Bunker and Susan’s story about taking your cat on vacation. Bunker and I are now friends since we’ve been communicating for years. He’s a great guy, totally dedicated to his people, Susan and Johnny.

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Intuitive health check


“I’ve used Maribeth for over four years now to help us more deeply connect with our cat Bunker.

“A couple of times I contacted Maribeth for health reasons. Once, in particular, Bunker felt off, and we asked Maribeth to check in with him. After connecting with him, she picked up some pancreas issues. Incredibly, bloodwork later validated that fact. That was a big WOW!”


Taking your cat on vacation

“My husband and I have a vacation home and go there on the weekends. Normally, we leave Bunker behind. But a couple of longer-time opportunities presented themselves and we asked Maribeth to connect with Bunker to see if he wanted to go.”


We didn’t listen to Maribeth about bringing our cat on vacation

With much happiness, Bunker said “yes.” But we changed our minds and left him home. Boy, did he share attitude with the sitter!”  (Maribeth: Bunker was really pissed!)


The next time we listened

“Before connecting a second time to ask Bunke about going to the vacation house, she gently shared with us that Bunker was terribly excited to go on vacation the time before. So it wouldn’t be fair to get Bunker’s hopes up if we changed our minds again.

“Hearing that, we committed to taking him, if he wanted to travel with us. Maribeth connected and heard an affirmative. Next, she prepared Bunker for the trip. More specifically, she explained exactly what would happen – the long car ride and anti-nausea meds. She told Bunker to “enjoy the high!” ”

(Maribeth again – Bunker would feel woozy, so I figured it would be better to enjoy it than worry, right?)

“When we arrived at our vacation home, Bunker acted like a kitten again. He explored nooks and crannies, met new people, and genuinely enjoyed himself.

“Now, we take him whenever we can.”

– Thank you, Maribeth! Susan & Bunker, Virginia

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