It’s time to strengthen your intuitive connection to your animals! If you love your animals, you’re already connected intuitively to them. These practices will help you notice when you’re receiving information from them.

I dream of how great it would be to have an animal communicator in every family! Will you be the one in your family? Try these practices.

Let go of beliefs that get in the way

Each of these beliefs will limit your ability to connect with your animals. You may not be able to notice when your animal is communicating with you. Because it’s outside your belief system.

  • Humans are superior; other animals are inferior.
  • “I already know what my animal is thinking!” Trust me, it’s not always about treats and belly rubs.
  • Animals are organic machines; they don’t have the capacity to think or feel
  • Anthropomorphism: only humans can have emotions

In spite of anthropomorphism, even experts believed this orca experienced extreme grief over the loss of her baby. Good news – Tahlequah had another baby!

Nurture your connection

There are many ways to nurture/strengthen the connection with your animals. The more you nurture your connection, the more you “tune in” to their sending and receiving frequency.

Appreciate their personalities, preferences and peculiarities!

cat meowing at 3 am

The more they feel loved for who they are, they more connected they’ll feel to you. This strengthens your connection.

Can you find humor in a behavior that can drive you nuts? Or find patience – tolerance. These energies give you the ability to regroup. You communicate from a less volatile space. Lighten up whenever you are able and when it’s appropriate (not life threatening).

My cat Mac calls to us from the living room after we turn out the lights to go to bed. I know he wants to play. So we have worked out this scenario. I literally yell down to him,

“Mac you know we humans need our sleep! I’m not coming down to play. Go play by yourself or come up to bed!”

I’m not mad, I’m just reminding him of what he already knows. He quiets down and I hear some crazy romping around as he chases one of his balls. I’m totally content to fall asleep to that background noise.

Touch them fondly as you walk by

nurture your connection

Don’t treat them like furniture. Look for their presence. Nurture and strengthen the relationship by giving them a loving touch.  Fill your touch with gratitude that they’re in your life. I even do this on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

When they seek you out, acknowledge them

cat looking at woman

Stop what you’re doing. Acknowledge their presence. Touch them or look into their eyes with deep love. Even if you don’t know what they’re thinking, they know you care.

This teaches them you’re open to connect whenever they are.

My dog Tibor stretches out a paw as I walk by, asking for a little affection. So I stop to caress him and tell him how lucky I am that he’s in my life.

Connect through the heart

Even though the third eye energy center is known as the seat of intuition, focus on the heart to strengthen the intuitive connection with your animals. Love strengthens and supports our connection.

And you can connect even stronger using my Energetic Green SmoothieSM. Try it!

When you are doing the Energetic Green SmoothieSM, tell them, “This is what is feels like to be a family. We love each other, we protect each other. We respect each other.” Use whatever words feel right for you.

If you think they communicated with you, don’t doubt it!

However it comes through – a dream, a thought that doesn’t seem to be yours, a feeling about them, trust it. You might think, “If my cat could talk, I’d swear she just said…” Believe you heard them.

Want more training and practice?

Learn about my UConnect Animal Communication class!

Have you “heard” your animal? How do you nurture them? Please share it with us!