Hope your Thanksgiving was good (if you celebrate Thanksgiving). Mine was very good; spending time with my family was really wonderful.

Thank you

Thank YOU for reading my blogs. I love that you’re willing to give me a chance – that means a lot to me. I have to confess, though, I woke up with NO thoughts of gratitude or thanks on my mind Thursday. Quite the opposite.

Still human

Geez, all that work clearing out negative crap from the time I got sober in the early 1980s?? And I’m a Reiki Master?? Dang! Guess I’m still human after all these years. But I’ve found that learning and using energy to clear out negative beliefs and thoughts and stuck emotions is immensely helpful.

It’s a choice 

So I’m passing on this confession and the wisdom that I received when I realized what I was doing. I need to CHOOSE to

  • Be grateful.
  • Be happy.
  • Forgive myself and others.

My intention/goal is that this choice becomes a life habit and easier over time. It’s my Thanksgiving hope for you, too.

A Healing Thought

It’s easier to choose to be happy when you can find things to be happy about. The fastest way I’ve found to move my vibration to a more positive one is to make a gratitude list. It never has to be grand – but it does have to be real for you. I’m grateful for:

  • Central heating.
  • My son and his stepfather installing the new microwave.
  • My family and friends and mentors.
  • Our 2 dogs and 3 cats.
  • The sun shining today.
  • My husband buying tickets to see Dr. Who ‘s “Day of the Doctors.”
  • Phones and Facebook let me keep in touch with my daughter wherever she is in the world!

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