I’m still human after all these years, despite all my work clearing negative beliefs, judgements, and stories. Even though I’m a Reiki Master. Dang!

But it has helped me to spend more time with a positive energy. And it helps my animals, too!

How do our animals experience us? As happy humans? Or scared, upset, angry humans? Whatever we’re experiencing, they are tuned into how we feel. And it affects them.

How it affects them depends on their personality. Some, like my dog Stella, shook it off  – “Oh, that’s just my human acting human! I love them anyway!” But many feel a level of anxiety or worry when we transmit negative thoughts and emotions.

Are you still human after all these years?

I ask because sometimes in some animal communication sessions, we focus on the human’s experiences and emotions as well as the non-human’s issues. As I said, that’s because our negative emotions/thoughts about behaviors or past experiences may affect our animal’s wellbeing and behaviors.

What kind of negative reactions to animal-related issues have I seen or experienced?

When an animal’s behavior or prognosis about their health brings up an memory of animals we’ve encountered in the past.

Maybe we were attacked by a dog.  Now, when our newly-adopted doggies play loudly but sound oh-so-vicious, we become nervous as heck. We’re unable to see it as joyful play.

Or when one of our animals receive a diagnosis we’ve heard for a previous pet, we relive the sorrow of that experience.

And sometimes we get fed up with behaviors that continue despite everything we’ve tried to help the situation.

Human healing helps

When you discover that you’re burdened by negative thoughts or feelings during a session, we may shift the attention to you. By helping YOU release the emotions and thoughts that weight YOU down, we relieve the pressure on your animals.

From there,  we focus on animal communication and healing for them.  And now your positive energy, thoughts and emotions fully support them to heal or shift into a more positive place. It’s powerful.

Sometimes you need to focus on you for your animal’s sake.

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