It’s not surprising that folks have serious reservations about learning animal communication. It’s intuitive – telepathic. And they don’t even OWN a crystal ball! Why would they be able to do this?

But the truth is animal communication taps into a human ability that can be nurtured through education and practice.  And the necessary ingredient to ignite this ability? Love for your animal! It’s an amazing spark to get you started.

New animal communication class starting soon

So as I get ready to teach another UConnect Animal Communication class, I wanted to share Mary Ellen’s Success Story.

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It’s okay to still have serious reservations

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Mary Ellen’s serious reservations

I’m so grateful Mary Ellen shared this. I hope she will inspire you to take the leap and join the Interest List!

I had serious reservations about taking Maribeth’s animal communication classes because I lacked confidence that I could learn to do it. My cousin, who has similar skills, told me I have been intuitive my whole life and she was sure I would succeed. She also made it clear that I had nothing to lose. So I signed up.

First class – connected with my dog who passed

I was surprised that in the first class I was able to connect with a dog who passed away many years ago. She came running to me like she was a puppy again with her tail wagging like crazy. She jumped into my arms and gave me many kisses! It was just like she did when I met her at an adoption event. I couldn’t believe it worked! I was so glad to see that she was happy and healthy again. 

Practicing with other dogs

In other classes, Maribeth had us connect with dogs she knew would be willing to interact with us. I was able to get a dog to tell me about his difficult life before becoming a member of a wonderful family.  There were no words expressed, but Maribeth was able to verify that the information I took away from the interaction was accurate. Again, I was amazed. 

Introduced to energy healing for our animals

We also learned how to gather energy and send it into animals and people, including ourselves, to reduce or eliminate pain. It is like Reiki on steroids. I tried this technique on my cat, one of my dogs, and myself. Both animals gave me kisses while I was sending the energy into their aching bodies. They both went into a deep sleep. When they woke up, both were jumping and running around like youngsters again. It was so joyful to watch them move so gracefully without pain.

 I’ve had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder caused by a car accident. When I sent the energy into my neck and shoulder, it was amazing to feel the pain disappear. My range of motion has improved too. It was incredible to help my animal companions and myself with this newly learned skill. 

A precious gift

gift box serious reservations

Maribeth taught us many other skills too. All were like opening a box and being delighted to receive such a precious gift.

 My message to others who are wavering about taking the class out of fear or lack of confidence, go ahead and sign up.

You’ll learn that you have far more abilities than you ever imagined. You will love being able to help animals and yourself. It is a gift that keeps on giving. 

    • Mary Ellen Keene, VA

Got “Serious Reservations”? But love the idea of communicating with your animals???

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