Remote energy healing between South Carolina and Virginia

I first started energy healing for people, not animals. Still, I wanted proof that  long-distance or remote energy healing was real. In 2010, my mother-in-law, Pat Decker, who lived in South Carolina, agreed to work with me. Since I live in Alexandria, Virginia, it was perfect! 

Is remote energy healing real?

Prescription: Remote energy healing 3 times a week

 I called Pat three times a week; we talked about what was hurting her and hung up. Then, after 30 minutes of energy healing, I called her back to see what, if anything, had changed. 

We worked on neck pain

In one call, she told me about a painful knot in her neck that was 2-3 inches in diameter. She could hardly turn her neck in either direction. This is a real problem when you’re trying to pull into traffic. After we hung up, I did energy healing and 30 minutes later, I called her. As I said, “Hi Pat, how’d it go?”, she cut me off to ask excitedly, “What did you DO??!!”

Sometimes you have to talk to body parts

Well, I said, I just “ran the energy.” More specifically, I explained to the knot in her neck that it caused Pat pain; I asked it to resolve itself. (Yes, I have been known to talk to body parts!) Astoundingly, Pat told me it had shrunk to about ½ inch in diameter. We were stunned. And that clinched it for us. We continued to work together! To answer the headline question, my mother-in-law Pat says remote energy healing works.

Ready to communicate remotely with your animal?

I’d love to help you communicate with your animal and share energy healing when necessary! Contact me!


Pat DeckerPat passed away in the summer of 2015; my husband Charlie was with her, which gave us a lot of peace. In our calls and visits, Pat and I developed a wonderful relationship; she even forgave me for being  a Yankee (I’m from Buffalo, NY)! My healing gave her a stronger zest for life. For my part, I welcomed her friendship and love since I had lost my mom in 2009. And on the night she passed, Pat energetically stopped by my bedroom to say goodbye.

Thanks to Pat, I am addicted to romance novels, especially the fantasy/historical romance novels. Any Outlander aficionados out there?