How can we release trauma for our animals when we believe their behavioral issues are rooted in a bad experience earlier in their life?

I discussed this topic with Dr. Mary Sanders of the Energy Medicine  podcast. We discussed how to release trauma that affects the quality of our animals’ – and our own – lives. This blog is such a small piece of our wonderful discussion, which covers the following subjects:

  • How to ask your animal to show or tell you what tough time they have experienced.
  • Begin to see glimmers of their “best self” – that friendly, loving, joyful energy – imprint it in your mind. Share it with them often through your imagination with love and joy. Stop telling the trauma story.
  • How to monitor your own energy, your emotions. They affect your animals positively or negatively.
  • Use Sacred Divine Beings to assist with releasing trauma and bringing healing.
  • Find help through the transition of our beloved animals.

Listen to the podcast here..

(Our discussion has been edited for clarity and brevity.)

Ways to release trauma in our animals

First, we use animal communication to find the origin of the behavior. If we see a traumatic even, we stay with them. We can empathize – “Oh, that’s tough. I am really sorry!” It’s the energetic connection of being a loving person with them through the trauma.

Dr. Mary: It sounds like the first step for resolving the trauma is to witness them in their state of trauma. It takes a lot of vulnerability to be able to say, “Oh my God, you’re not going to believe what happened to me. Let me tell you the story.” And it sounds like somebody such as yourself who can communicate with them can hold that space. So once they share the traumatic event, they’re like, “Okay, now that somebody’s seen it, maybe I can release it.”

Exactly!  So next, we release the energy of that event with one of the techniques I’ve learned from Tina Zion.

Give the traumatic energy back to the perpetrator

One way is to remain in the event and shift negative energy back to the source of the trauma. So in our imagination, their human and I go back to the traumatic event. We find their pet and the perpetrators of abuse. Their human stands up for their beloved animal.  They tell their pet, “We’re going to take that fear (and whatever other negative emotions/beliefs) out of you because that’s not yours. It was caused by the individual who treated you badly.”

Then they imagine giving the abuser the fear back, saying, “Hey, this isn’t our animal’s stuff – you caused it, Mr. or Mrs. Human Being. It’s yours to deal with.” Then they, with my assistance, take back what rightfully belongs to their animal – feeling lovable and loved, safe, self-confident, things like that. Their person usually knows exactly what their beloved pet needs to leave behind and what they deserve to feel like. So we imagine all that good energy replacing negative energy.

It’s pretty powerful for the really big traumas. It’s now possible for the animal to become who they were always meant to be – maybe more joyous and excited, happy and blissful.

Change the traumatic story to a healing story

I also worked to change the story’s ending. A client’s cat had some serious dental surgery and came back very scared. She was usually a laid-back cat. So her person came to me and said, “I don’t know what’s going on. She’s hiding under the bed, which is unusual. Can you help?”

Of course! I asked what the cause of her reaction was. And what I received was the anesthesia had not completely kicked in before they started the dental work.

In this case, I went back a few minutes prior to the start of the surgery and imagined a different story.  I imagined that the vet tech said, “You know what doc, that kitty’s not completely under; let’s hold off and give her some more medicine.” Then they waited a bit, then started surgery.

In the new memory, the cat didn’t feel pain. After the healing, her person reported her doing kitty zoomies and rolling in her kitty treats. Very little hiding under the bed.

Releasing trauma in the quantum field

Dr. Mary: As we know in the quantum field, there are many different versions that are playing out simultaneously for people in present time. Because everything as you said was fluid and multi-dimensional. So energetically, if you introduce the idea of a different version, then you can shift the outcome energetically. And that’s super powerful.

And then the other example, when you were talking about the humans being abusive, it sounds as though you got to neutrally separate the animal from them and give back or release the abuse to the abusers.

The positive outcome is what we’re after, but the approach is slightly different.

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