When Regina explained how she brought her puppy, ZiShunka back to perfect, I just had to share it with you! That’s because my personal vision as an animal communicator and healer is to have an animal communicator in every family, shelter, sanctuary and all aspects of veterinary medicine. Regina Beider embodies that vision.

Watch Regina and ZiShunka’s story below.

Regina Beider brings her puppy back to perfect health

ZiShunka arrives from Texas (as shared by Regina)

We adopted our baby girl ZiShunka (means yellow dog in Lakota) on July 31st, 2020. The rescue turned to be a scam. A “rescuer” smuggled street dogs from Texas to New York and charged an adoption fee.

Our girl became sick as soon as we got her. At seven weeks old, she had Parvovirus, Coccidia, Giardia and hookworms. Incredibly, we learned through Yelp about other victims of this “rescue.” Eight puppies that were adopted the same day and didn’t make it.

Before Regina brought her puppy ZiShunka back to health

An instant connection with this sick puppy

Instantly, I felt something very special between ZiShunka and me. For instance, I could feel her pain and the GI discomfort. I was defeated by this pain, vomiting, couldn’t eat much. I was sure that I had caught one of those parasites, but the fecal test showed nothing.

So close to death

ZiShunka was really struggling. Parasites and parvo in a seven-week-old body was a lot to handle! I was trained as an herbalist and acute homeopath and immediately started implementing my knowledge. We were able to clear Parvo and get rid of the parasites with additional medical help

Bleak outcome ahead?

However, ZiShunka wasn’t getting better. In fact, after we managed to eliminate all those infections, she had an intestinal intussusception (bowel obstruction) as a result of those illnesses.

When she went into emergency surgery, ZiShunka was still malnourished and weak. At this point she had to be fed with a syringe and receive an IV for fluids. She was only three pounds, when she should weigh eight pounds. So she had a very small chance of survival.

She made it!

I once again was allowed to hold her in my arms.

But she couldn’t regain her strength. She still wasn’t eating or drinking. The vet gave her two blood transfusions from his own dog. ZiShunka stayed in an oxygen chamber for a day, but still didn’t eat and experienced non-stop diarrhea. We were heartbroken.

Another round in emergency care

She stayed in the ER for almost two days and then transitioned to the main animal hospital. The doctors suspected pneumonia. We were strongly advised to let her go.

Regina communicates with ZiShunka (tissues necessary)

That’s when I started talking to ZiShunka. I communicated from a sincere, deep place in my heart. I told her, “We are beyond grateful for meeting you. We love you beyond words and we allow you to go. You struggled enough. As much as it’ll hurt, it’s your choice now and we support you!”

I also told her that if she decides to stay (which according to five different doctors wasn’t even an option), we will be beyond grateful for granting us a precious gift of a life with her!

At this point, ZiShunka wasn’t capable of moving. Her musculoskeletal system was atrophied. But she lifted her tiny head and paws and hugged me ♥️

Let’s go home

My partner and I refused for her last memories to be from the hospital. So we took her home. The doctors said it was inhumane to let her suffer another day.  I replied that I’m hoping for a miracle, but I promise I won’t let her suffer. The doctor told me “This is certainly not a miracle case!”

We took her home and got ready for her release. Together, we planned a ceremony to say our last words of love in this realm while a veterinarian came to perform euthanasia.

Do you believe in miracles?

What happened next was a very big turn of events. Right away, she acted extremely hungry. And she started drinking by herself for the first time in over a month!!

I researched alternative healing modalities. I started giving her two formulas of Chinese herbs. One was for her stomach and one for anemia. Two days into taking the Chinese formulas, her stools became healthy. Amazingly, her energy level was way up. She was able to walk. Believe it or not, a few days later she jumped, ran, barked and played!

Weight-wise, ZiShunka went from three to 13 pounds within six weeks. A year and a half later, she’s 33 pounds of lean muscle and beauty!  She’s a little ball of energy, constantly hungry, playful, happy, curious and so loving. In fact, she is more resilient, and has more stamina and energy than most of the dogs we meet!

Today, I make ZiShunka amazing raw meals that I source from local farmers. I managed to heal her gut, liver and skin with herbs, homeopathy and nutrition.

She’s a true magician who showed me that I can be a magician. I want to emphasize that ZiShunka and I worked together; it wasn’t just me. This amazing healing wouldn’t have happened without Zi’s cooperation.

ZiShunka all grown up!

(From Maribeth: If you are wondering, both Regina and ZiShunka approved my sharing of the videos of her as a sick puppy and her current healthy, happy self.)

Regina Beider

Regina is canine nutritionist, herbalist, homeopathic practitioner and animal communicator. She was trained in western herbalism and classic homeopathy and re-interpreted this knowledge and training to concentrate on pets, mainly dogs. She’s in an ongoing mentorship of canine herbalism with Rita Hogan.

The art of communication played a strong role when saving her puppy, ZiShunka. Regina successfully uses it with animals to determine the best course of healing.