them rrogate Healing is such a cool aspect of animal energy healing. What is it? Simply, we use ourselves as surrogates to do the healing for our animals. It’s useful when an animal doesn’t like being touched. Or they’re not physically present.

What animal doesn’t like to be touched?

Some animals are shy, in pain or distrust humans. Cats that don’t know you may never come out to say hello, much less allow you to physically perform energy healing. Animals from abusive pasts and wild animals may not allow you to touch them. And those in pain are wary of touch because – duh – they’re afraid it’s going to hurt!

I’ve also met animals who find the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – tapping – irritating. I get it! Why? Because before I “got” the huge benefits of EFT, I thought tapping was annoying. So I will do it on myself for the animal. And it works.


I do surrogate healing for animals in my individual sessions. First, I set an intention to help the all the animals heal for their highest good. I also set a second intention that their people will receive whatever they need to support their animals. Many folks notice changes in their animals after the session; it’s wonderful.

Setting an intention

Setting your intention is so powerful. It’s not the same as willpower. I found an article, that although it’s about weight loss, explains the difference perfectly:

“Willpower comes from the head and intention comes from the heart.”

Try “The Green Smoothie” Surrogate Healing

green smoothie surrogate healing

No, not THAT Green Smoothie!

The Green Smoothie is a simple example of surrogate healing, You connect with your animals through your heart energy. I made it up a while ago and just love it!

You use your imagination to do this. First set your intention that it’s going to work because it’s good for you and your family.


Close your eyes.

Picture you and your family (people and animals) in a circle or facing each other if there’s just two of you.

“See” a green light of loving energy come out of your heart to the individual’s heart on your left. Fill the green light with love – love – love. watch it go to the next individual’s heart and so on until it comes back to your heart.

Now be the engine and move the energy through everyone’s heart. Intend that you are all connected through your hearts and all your actions, speech and thoughts come from the heart.

Feel the enjoyment of connecting everyone in the family with love.

That’s it! You don’t have to do it for a long time for it to be effective. As they say, Just Do It! You may see a few more loving actions or more gentle speech towards each other.

While you’re away

You can do this while you’re on vacation or at work. It’s a great way to let your animals know you’re thinking of them and love them.

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