In addition to animal communication, I use energy healing techniques for animals. Why? Because it works!  I learned to do it for people first, but its usefulness with animals is superb!

When an animal has pain, I use energy healing to help reduce their pain (I’m not a replacement for veterinary services, though). And when an animal shares their anxiety, fear and stress, I can help them release those “stuck” emotions.

Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing

One of the first energy healing techniques I learned was Quantum-Touch®. I had never heard about it until my friend Psychic Bob Hickman said, “Maribeth, I don’t know what Quantum-Touch® is, but I’m told you should learn it.” I had not heard of it either, but I was willing to investigate it.

It’s easy-to-learn and effective

Turns out, Quantum-Touch® is an easy-to-learn, effective technique. And it’s powerful. First, I bought the book and started practicing on my own. I noticed positive results right away.

Then I took Basic and Advanced courses from the founder, Richard Gordon and other excellent teachers. It was such a wonderful tool, I became a certified practitioner (still am). To become certified, I documented 60 hours of Quantum-Touch® energy healing. In my documentation, I explained who I worked on, the issue and noted pain levels before and afterwards. I received my certificate on May 21, 2010.

Why am I telling you?

#1 – Now you know more about my training

Quantum-Touch® is only one of many energy healing methods I’ve learned since becoming a Reiki Master in 2008.

But it’s definitely a foundational practice for me. I love it so much, I introduce my animal communication students to Quantum-Touch® in my UConnect classes.

# 2 -You can do energy healing, too

It’s something you can learn to do yourself if you want to start right away. Take the online course or buy the first book, Quantum Touch The Power to Heal. Practice on yourself, willing humans and willing animals. And in-person courses are a joy as well.

My story using Quantum-Touch when my dog, Mitsubishi, was in a bad way was included in the book, Everyday Miracles with Quantum-Touch, Energy Healing for Animals.

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Have you used energy healing on yourself or your animals? Would love to hear about it!