We’ve published my Peace in Passing Book’s  Second Edition! It’s titled, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions Second Edition. And it’s about four times as long as my original version, published in 2016.

That’s because my first edition focused on finding peace after the death of a beloved animal who already passed. This second edition begins at an earlier life stage. It helps you navigate through your beloved animal companion’s slowing-down stage of life. And continues through the transition to the next life and beyond.

This second edition gives you permission to discover how to connect intuitively with your animal

Curiously enough, the unexplained perceptiveness of animals has been ignored not only by mainstream scientists but also by most psychic researcher and parapsychologists. Why? [P]sychic phenomena were seen as peculiarly human rather than as part of our biological heritage. — Rupert Sheldrake, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home

In this second edition, I give you permission to discover how you connect with your animal—whether they’ve passed on or they’re still “on the planet.” By being drawn to this book, you’ve already accepted my challenge. What I share here is an open door, an invitation, a “what if,” for you to find your own way into the sacred mystery of our relationship with animals. And life.

We all have our own wisdom, knowing about what works for us and our animals. I invite you to use this book’s guidance as a torch to light up your own path. Find information that lights you up, that celebrates your own unique way of connecting intuitively. Don’t get stuck in dogma —find the truth of existence in your relationship with your animals and the Divine.

In this expanded version, we explore:

  • Alternatives to not knowing when and how to let your animal go, and how to resolve feelings of guilt about your decision.
  • A framework—a way of viewing the transition process—to help you and your animals before, during, and after the transition process.
  • Ways to plan the transition so it reflects the love you feel for your animals.
  • An expansion of our understanding of the spiritual nature of our relationship with animals. This can allow you to view your loss differently so you may process and move more smoothly through the despair and grief that ensues after death. Feel free to incorporate whatever resonates into your own spiritual beliefs.
  • Ways to incorporate animal communication techniques into your current communication with your animal. Since you’ve been drawn to this book, let’s believe you already have an intuitive connection with your animals. Incorporating these techniques will help you KNOW that whatever you receive from your animal is real, which brings so much comfort.
  • The importance of re-examining our relationship with non-humans on the planet to bolster decisions that support sustainability for all living beings.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Know in your heart and mind that you have or will make a good decision about the timing of your animal’s transition
  • Be able to thoughtfully create your animal companion’s exit strategy that reflects your love for your non-human family member
  • Feel a connection to your animal beyond death
  • Feel your animal’s love every time you remember them
  • Begin to view all animals, even those we don’t live with, as valued companions on our earthly journey.

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Thanks for Peace in Passing Book’s Second Edition

I want to thank all the people (and their animal companions) who allowed me to share their stories. Their stories are the “stars” of my book. They brought this book to life.

And a huge thank you to Tina Zion, who wrote the Forward to this second edition and all my early readers who took the time read and share their thoughts about this edition.