How do we show up as our Best Selves with our animals? I ask because I’ve had to work hard at finding my Best Self around my dogs and cats. That’s because Newt and Molly, my new young dogs, are still learning how to walk nicely on a leash.

Cripes, what a change from walking my older dogs, Stella and Tibor, before they transitioned! I have so many fond memories of walking, running,  and sniffing with Tibor and Stella.. (They sniffed pee and poop; I sniffed flowers, just to be clear.) But we’ve got a different crew now.

Molly and Newt the barking duo

Molly, part MinPin, has that small-dog out-of-control excited bark when she sees squirrels, birds, dogs, and people. Molly’s barks then ignite Newt’s “Oh no! What terrible thing is going to occur??? I better sound like a big, mean dog, even though I’m not!!” Newt’s recovering from a lot of fear. So we deal with this almost daily.

Even with the help of our excellent dog trainer, I still lose my patience. “Grouchy me” was showing up more and more during our evening walks. “How could I stop dreading my evening walks?”, I thought. My Guides suggested I invite them (the guides) to fill me with patience before our walks. And invite them to remind me that these dogs were good, loving beings.

Bunnie and Shadow love/hate the doggies

My cats Bunnie and Shadow are glad to have dogs in the house again, but they get impatient with them. I hear them saying, “Why don’t these pups understand we don’t want to play like they do??” In response, my Best Self trusts that everyone will learn to tolerate and even enjoy each other.

Plus, one of my UConnect animal communication students shared that Shadow felt forgotten. Oh, crap. Focusing on three sick animals last fall (2022) and the two new dogs now, left Shadow in the shadows. Maybe that’s why Bunnie and Shadow were fighting with each other more often. So my Best Self asked Shadow and Bunnie for forgiveness. And Charlie and I began to shower them with focused attention again.

Who’s our Best Self?

The one who sees our animals’ Best Self – their potential to be a great family member. Our Best Self intends for that wonderful being to shine through more and more. My Best Self admits when she misses the mark and figures out how to do better.

Status report from my Best Self

The doggies and I are enjoying calm evening walks. My evening ends peacefully instead of being full of irritation. Shadow started coming to us for love on her own again. Plus, she started coming into the bedroom again  – all because she felt wanted. And last night, all four animals slept peacefully together on the bed.

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Have you noticed when you shifted to your Best Self with your animals? Even in tough times? How did you manage it? Did it make a difference?