I would like you to believe that I am a shining example of all things animal, since I’m an animal communicator. But I have not been the perfect animal guardian.

Getting Pee Wee as a gift

Back in the late 70s, I was stationed in Puerto Rico with the Navy. The Chaplain gave me a street dog, Pee Wee — along with a book on getting sober. Uhh, what??? I didn’t have a clue what he was trying to communicate – that I should cut out alcohol and focus on being a good guardian to Pee Wee.

Looking back, I give myself a C- at best for Pee Wee’s care. My Mom and Dad took Pee Wee when I went to Japan, thank goodness. Also a good thing, I got sober in 1981 (still sober).

Animals’ behaviors can upset us

Admit it. Animals’ behaviors can trigger us. We may react in ways we aren’t thrilled about. We may have not have realized the level of care they need or deserve.

So what do we do?

I have not met an animal who holds a grudge. Let that worry go. But for your peace of mind, consider the following actions.

  1. Apologize to your animal for whatever you did or did not do. On a deep (soul) level, they will understand you.
  2. Look at what needs to change going forward and promise the animal you will do better.
  3. Find a good animal professional (trainer, behaviorist, veterinarian, communicator) to work with so you have better ways to deal with your animals’ behavior.

As you release the guilt, see yourself filled with more love and share it with your animals and your people!

It’s time to talk to my animal

Not the perfect animal guardian?