was inspired to create a new energy healing technique for animals – the Vibrational Reset Technique ℠. I had used another energy healing technique, but it felt too strong. So I asked for a bit of divine guidance to create a new technique.

But how can healing be too strong?

As an energy healing practitioner, I’ve noticed animals walk away when they’ve had enough energy healing. They “finish” much sooner than humans. I even teach my students to send energy as a soft misty rain rather than an ice storm.

No need for strong energy

First reason – They’re already feeling the energy

Animals are primarily tuned into energetic vibrations. They’re tuned into the vibration of their surroundings – Who’s out there? Are they friendly? Will they be my supper? Will I be their supper?

I’m not saying animals only run on instinct. Animals tune into the vibrations of the world around them as their go-to ability rather than using reason and thought.

We humans are taught to develop our logical, rational brains. Not the ability to sense vibrations. As a result, energy healing for humans – in my experience – requires a strong vibration to get beyond peoples’ thoughts, stories, beliefs, memories and fears.

Most animals don’t NEED a hard push of energy to overcome those barriers.

That’s the first reason I wanted to create a softer energy healing.

Second reason – They need to choose it

The second reason is that animals who interact with humans are already required to do things our way. Pee in the litterbox. Sit. Stay. Come. Don’t bite my finger. Canter. Trot. Live here. Move, we’re building a [fill in the blank] or tearing down the [fill in the blank]. Eat this. Don’t eat that.

That’s their reality. I’m not judging, I’m just pointing it out.

I wanted to create a soft healing that our animals would love. We invite them to soak the healing in rather than force it on them. This softness becomes a strength because the animals let it in and choose to work with it.

Vibrational Reset Technique℠

new energy healing technique

I teach this new energy healing technique to my UConnect students and use it individual sessions. The Healing Circle helps animals who are still on the planet with emotional, physical or behavioral issues. We use the imagery of stars and roses and reset the body and mind in a wonderfully soft way. Because soft can be powerful.

We use wonderful visuals during our healing meditation – stars and roses. And the reset itself is delightful.

“Maribeth’s Vibrational Reset Technique addresses tangles in the animal’s energy field, allowing them to loosen, unwind, and release. These tangles can result in disease, pain, and trauma so getting rid of them completely transforms the animal’s life. Maribeth’s loving VRT loosens the most stubborn issues. What a gift!” ~ Pete Johnson, COO of Paradigm, Inc.

Find out for yourself!