I would love you to read My Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks! In this book, Ellie tells how she created a sanctuary for abused animals. I was heartened by her warmth and courage. She is a hero and a role model for people who yearn for mercy for all animals.

I visited The Gentle Barn in Southern California as part of Communication With All Life University’s Energy Healing for Animals class. We offered energy healing for all sorts of farm animals.



I enjoyed getting up close and personal with these animals. Brought up in suburbia, I had never hung out with cows and steers. Dang, some of them are big! I was transfixed by their positive responses to the energy healing.

Read the animals’ stories here.

A brief history

(From their website)

A dream comes true

“Ellie Laks founded The Gentle Barn in 1999; it was a dream of hers since she was seven years old. Animals were always very healing and nurturing to her as she faced the challenges of growing up, finding herself, fitting in, feeling understood, etc. She majored in special education and psychology, and with her special love of animals and children, The Gentle Barn was a perfect way of putting all her talents and passions into one.

“Jay Weiner joined The Gentle Barn in 2002 as a volunteer, but fell in love with the place and the two joined forces to heal even more children and animals together. Like Ellie, Jay also turned to animals for the support, love and nurturing he needed as a child.

More land

“The Gentle Barn started on a half-acre property in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, CA. In 2003 Ellie and Jay moved The Gentle Barn to a six-acre paradise in Santa Clarita, CA. The property is complete with large horse and cow pastures, a red and white barnyard for the smaller animals, an organic vegetable garden, lots of shade trees, and a panoramic view of gorgeous mountains. Their over one hundred and seventy rescued animals are safe and happy at The Gentle Barn, and there is plenty of room to welcome their visitors and the children they host.

Two more locations

“The Gentle Barn has a second location in Nashville, Tennessee, and a third in St Louis, Missouri. It is their goal to open Gentle Barns in every state so that everyone in America can hug cows, cuddle turkeys, give pigs tummy rubs, and look into the eyes of these animals and know for certain that we are all the same, and deserving of the same rights, respects, and freedoms. Since its inception, The Gentle Barn has saved thousands of animals and been host to over 500,000 people.”

Focus on kids

Book My Gentle Barn

They offer online classes for kids to meet Next Generation Science Standards. View information on their online classes.

Expand your consciousness about animals! Read My Gentle Barn.

Read my blog, 5 Ways You Can Help End Animal Cruelty.