I was thinking about my first mind-blowing spiritual experience. I was in middle school and was outside in the woods by myself.

I asked God if “he” existed and got a response. It was visceral, experiential, resounding “yes!!”

Autumn forest

Thanks, Dad!

I have my father to thank for this. Not because he was religious. Mom had that covered.

But if any of us kids were spending too much time inside, Dad would command, “Go outside and get the stink blown off you!”

Doing Nothing Useful

So I spent a lot of time outside doing nothing useful:

Looking under rocks to see what lived there, getting wet in streams looking for crayfish, pollywogs and frogs, listening to birds and trying not to step on bees…

And in the presence of nature, without adult supervision, the Creator connected with me when I asked.

Continue the tradition?

Maybe you could continue my Dad’s tradition.

Tell your kids – or yourself – “Go out and get the stink blown off you!”

Sacred Grove Leaves


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Sacred Grove koala

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No pets please!

You will learn a technique to connect to your pet wherever you are.

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About Maribeth:

Maribeth Decker was NOT talking to animals when she was a kid or through her early years.

Maribeth’s gift manifested fully when Tibor, her rescue dog from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, began sending her an image as he sat next to her.

This is good news for those who think they can’t communicate with their animals because they never have – with perseverance and intention, it is possible!


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