My first on-purpose animal communication was with the shingles virus. I discovered a great truth in that encounter.

Virtual healing for shingles

Listen to my story

I was working with my mother-in-law, Pat, practicing virtual energy healing. Pat was in South Carolina and I was in Virginia. To do the healing, we’d get on the phone three times a week. Basically, I’d work on whatever ailed her. I really enjoyed our time together. And it was such good practice!

One time I asked, “What’s going on?” Pat told me she had shingles, which can feel like your skin is on fire. As you can guess, this was a terrible condition to be in.

Before 2015, scientists did not think viruses were alive. In 2016,  they decided they were living organisms. So I can finally call my tale an animal communication story — in addition to a human energy healing story!

In my first attempt to help Pat heal, I enlisted her antibodies. I asked them to go to war with me to clear out the virus. I gave it my all, trying to blast the virus out.

In our next chat, I asked how it had gone. “Worst night of my life!” she exclaimed. (Pat didn’t sugarcoat her opinions!)

Well that was a shock – not the outcome I anticipated.

I reconsider my methods

This time, I tried a different approach. Instead of a war, I imagined I was hosting an ice cream social outside – lots of flavors of ice cream, a picnic table, and trees for shade. I invited the virus and the antibodies to my party.

I told the virus, “Obviously, you aren’t going anywhere! But consider that Pat’s body is your home. The longer she is comfortable, the longer you have a home. How about going dormant and just enjoying what you have?”

Next, I asked the antibodies to call off their “5-alarm fire” response. Please pull back and allow the virus to go quiet.

Pat’s next report was that she had gotten her first good night’s sleep since the outbreak. There were no more shingles episodes the rest of her time on earth.

Lesson learned – respect, love & playfulness produce positive results

I now come from a place of respect, love and playfulness when communicating with animals, no matter what their species. In my experience, trying to force a change doesn’t work. Instead, I work to see the situation from their perspective.  They’re more apt to listen and change.

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