These days, most of us schedule our animal’s last day on earth. That’s good news and bad news. The Good News – we save our animal from more physical distress. The Bad News – we schedule the end of their life. Ouch!!

Mitsubishi joins our family

We had lots of good times before Mitsu’s last day on earth.

I found Mitsubishi after my first husband Winston died. Mitsubishi’s exuberant personality was a breath of fresh air for me and my kids. This funny, furry Siberian Husky loved to run and sing his “roo roo” song with us. He was an escape artist who would go to neighbors to say hello when he got loose. But he always made sure to zoom by me as I tried to catch him!

Spending Christmas in the shelter

I thought he’d mend his “running away” ways when he ended up in the Fairfax County Animal Shelter over Christmas one year. I was wrong. Hah!

A wolf in the neighborhood?

One time, a young girl in our neighborhood told me she saw a wolf running in the woods behind our house. I laughed as I told her, “No, don’t worry. That was my escape artist, Mitsubishi.” He did look like a wolf with his grey and white coloring. But he was friendly and simply interested in running free.

Leading up to the last day on earth

In the end, Mitsubishi started having seizures. He eventually lost the use of his back legs. .After we heard the options to keep “Mitsu” on the planet, I decided to release him from his physical body. Running was such a huge part of his life! So we brought him home from the hospital to spend his final days with us.

We found a veterinarian willing to come to the house and set up a date for late afternoon. Meanwhile, the kids and I spread the word – Mitsubishi’s last day on earth was imminent.

His last day

On that day, Mitsubishi sat on a pee pad in the living room, eating all the treats he loved. My daughter came up from college to be with me and my son. Their friends stopped by to say farewell. My neighbor Marilyn brought her two dogs over to say goodbye with a few loving sniffs. Even young kids and adults from the neighborhood dropped by to pet Mitsu and share their “Mitsu Stories.” We felt surrounded by love and companionship. Mitsu ate it up!

Mitsubishi’s transition to spirit was easy for him. He was at home with family, eating his favorite mouthwatering treats, and receiving love and adoration from all his human and doggy buddies. This memory of his last day on earth still comforts me. Whenever possible, I hope you make your beloved animal’s last days as lovely as you can. The memory will sustain you.

Still grieving your beloved animal?

I’m not surprised. Read this article from Scientific American, Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously.

If you haven’t read it yet, my bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans during Animal Transitions, can also help you with your grief.

dog's last day on earth

Were you able to make your animal’s last day – or days – special? I’d love to hear about it!