Another idea for learning animal communication – meditation

To pick up what’s coming in from your animal, you need to quiet your mind, to “tune in to their frequency.” Especially when you first start, the communication coming to you is ephemeral and fleeting. It’s tricky to notice. It’s like catching a dandelion seed in the air.  You look over, see it, and go to grab it. A breeze comes by, and it’s out of reach.

Got a busy brain?? Do Meditation

Got a busy brain??

When you start quieting your mind, the little dandelion seed starts hovering in front of you. You will find yourself saying (like I did), “I think my dog/cat/horse/fish/bird just said something with me. Dang, I got something!!”

One technique: Meditation

Meditation quiets the mind. It’s like clearing out the clutter long enough to notice something different has showed up. You don’t have to meditate for 30 to 60 minutes for this technique to work, although the goal is to extend your time. And you don’t have to do it in silence. I listen to meditative music, guided meditations and watch meditation videos. They all quiet the mind, so consider any of these techniques useful.

Listen to our discussion and Victoria Whitfield’s guided meditation

For any technique to work, you have to do it, right? Sensei Victoria Whitfield’s That’s why I asked Sensei Victoria Whitfield at Natural Intuition to lead a free, guided meditation for us animal lovers. I work with Victoria and my “intuitive muscle” is stronger because of her guidance. Victoria is a master at helping people use meditation for all kinds of good things. In her own words,

“Let go and relax with a deep guided healing meditation led by Sensei Victoria Whitfield, and connect to YOUR Source of positive, abundant energy, so that you can make more spiritually grounded and aligned decisions on your path to expansion.”

Practice connecting intuitively with our animals

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