Tina Zion’s medical intuition class was astounding. I loved it! I signed up for the course after reading Tina’s books, Become a Medical Intuitive and Advanced Medical Intuition.

Side story – My cat Mac healed ME last night

Mac Medical Intution

Mac the cat in a Box

My lovely lover-cat, Mac came to my rescue last night. Couldn’t sleep. That’s because endless, useless thoughts dominated my brain. This brain reviewed the day’s discussions: what I said, what I didn’t say, what I should have said to someone I love.  Have you experienced this?

Mac jumped up on me, purring like a Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. He found a comfortable position on my chest and settled in.

Third-Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra healing

Then he gently reached out his left paw and placed it on my forehead – right in the middle where the Third Eye Chakra would be. His right paw settled on my neck – the Throat Chakra.

After some time, my mind settled.  Gratefully, I felt ready to sleep. Sensing this, Mac moved to the bottom of the bed for the remainder of the night.

Finally, I had this insight:

Sending healing to the whole world (which I do) will work much better when I practice compassion and love in my own relationships.

Do you think Mac took the Medical Intuition class with me???

Animal Communication, Healing & Medical Intuition

Okay, back to Medical Intuition.

My animal communication sessions include healing all the time. We work on physical and emotional issues.

Yes, animals have emotional issues. They have tough memories and fears. They even hold untrue beliefs about life. For instance, “You can’t trust humans. Humans are BAD.”

And those emotional issues can affect their physical wellbeing. A couple of examples:

  • Worrier cats might not always make it to the litter box.
  • Anxious animals may have upset digestion.

Because of this, I want to become expert at receiving useful information and helping animals heal. Medical Intuition is part of my journey.

Physical/Emotional Issues & Point of Origin

Medical Intuition discovers physical issues and emotional issues that affect the body. We focus on the energetic signature of the body. And we can use it to discover the cause – point of origin – of what’s going on.

It’s not a diagnosis, but it’s useful information for the animal’s guardian.  And it more accurately pinpoints where we focus healing.

Look for great stories as I incorporate this into my practice  – and my UConnect animal communication training!

Have your animals done healing for you? I’d love to hear your story!