Sometimes medical intuition can provide information on why your animal feels ill. Use medical intuitives when you’d like to find out more information about their physical state. For instance, are they in pain and if so, how much? Where does it hurt? What other symptoms are they feeling? It can be very helpful.


Harry the Welsh Corgi fell ill

Here’s Harry’s story from my client, Lillis.


“I discovered Maribeth Decker in the Zebra newspaper of Alexandria, Virginia.  The timing of my discovery felt a blessing.

“My older Welsh Corgi, Harry fell ill and had trouble with his food and vomiting. I took him to our usual veterinarian a few times, but they seemed at a loss at diagnosing Harry’s problems.  He continually got better and then relapsed.

Maribeth uses her medical intuitive abilities

“Maribeth has the unusual ability to feel an animal’s thoughts, communicate messages from me to the dogs, and as a medical intuitive, ask them about their physical ailments. We scheduled a remote (by phone) reading for Harry.

“After introducing herself to Harry, Maribeth went into a physical body scan [medical intuition] of Harry. She immediately picked up on a twisted foot Harry injured on a sprint down our staircase a few days prior.

We find the source of Harry’s problem

“What she told me next during the body scan/medical intuition, revealed the true source of Harry’s pain and discomfort.  Harry communicated about a very sore area in his mouth, far in the back on one side. Harry told Maribeth, “It hurts a lot.”  She felt it might be a molar giving him trouble. He had a low-grade headache as well. Harry only chewed soft foods recently, so this made sense.

“Next, Maribeth then focused some very healing energy onto Harry.  His energy level increased distinctly after the session.

Lillis now has a medical plan

“ I was not aware of this issue, nor had the old vet discovered it. At last, I had a medical plan to get Harry well based on this medical intuition body scan.

“So I made an appointment with a new vet to examine and clean Harry’s teeth and extract any problematic teeth. At my request, the vet first x-rayed Harry’s mouth rather than doing unnecessary gastrointestinal exams to see why he felt so bad.

X-rays confirm medical intuition

The x-rays confirmed Maribeth’s medical intuition. Indeed, Maribeth had pinpointed the exact location of the unseen abscessed root. The surgery was a success and Harry was back to his old self.

Open to communicating

“My dogs were very open to communicating with Maribeth and shared so many details. And all of our questions were answered.  Maribeth is very personable. Her love of animals shines through her interaction. I highly recommend Maribeth for any of your animals, to find out where they hurt, to let us know how they feel. This wonderful ability allows us to have a window into our pets’ minds and bodies so that we can address their needs for a longer, healthier life.”

  • Lillis W. & Harry


Maribeth: I loved helping Harry! But in all honesty, as a medical intuitive, energy healer and animal communicator, I still don’t rely on those abilities alone. I use vets I trust. I hope you have a veterinarian you trust. And when necessary, get a second opinion like Lillis did if you aren’t comfortable with what you’re hearing.



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