I was guided to explain why I love doing animal communication. This was more difficult to put into words than I expected, but I came up with three reasons.

The animals are fascinating

Skunk And DogAnimals are fascinating! They have personalities, likes, dislikes, and opinions, some of which are surprising. I like that! I was having a discussion with a dog about how much her guardian did NOT love her chasing skunks and coming home smelling, well, skunky. We then received a lecture from the dog. She explained that scent preferences between humans and dogs were different – – and for her, the skunk scent was delightful. She was a hard sell!! Hah!

The humans dearly love their animals

The people that I work with LOVE their animals! Their hearts are wide open and overflowing with love for their animal even though they are upset or worried. To experience another human being’s deep love and concern for their pet just gives me wings of joy! It is an antidote for my concern about the world; it gives me hope for humanity. Three cheers for humans who love their animals deeply!!

And it works!

Echo First DayAnimal communication generally works in helping animals change their behaviors! Most animals want to be good family members. When they see how sad/worried/disappointed/fearful their behavior makes their humans feel, they take note. When they understand which behaviors will please their humans, they take note. And the behavior changes.

Now, just like people, animals don’t fix habits overnight or become perfect family members. But we do see improvements. These improvements happen through the love connection of this family of souls, human and non-human! 

Why I love doing animal communication