Lately, I’ve been letting my Heart lead as I move through my life, both in my relationships and in my decisions. But it doesn’t lead by itself. From my time in the Navy, I see my Heart as the one in charge.

And my Heart has two senior advisors: The first is the Head, the logical thinker, who gives advice and suggestions. And secondly, the Gut, who helps me figure out, “How do I move forward?” I recommit to this mindset daily with the help of divine beings.

Letting my Heart compassion rule

Letting my Heart lead the decision-making process means I enter a place of compassion, for myself and others. I am also open to my soul desire, its deep yearning. The soul’s energy center feels close to my heart center in my chest. So they can become entwined.

My Head’s job

Honestly, my Head feels relieved to let my Heart lead. It had gotten tired of listening to itself judge others, cringe as it felt judged by itself and others. And my Head tired of always thinking fearful and as negative thoughts. Realizing that, I did a lot of work to clear the automatic negative thoughts.

And now my Head’s new job is to assess the plusses and minuses of a decision. To do that, it focuses on letting go of the negative stories. It’s not required to share fearful or judgmental stories anymore. The Head just finds and reports the facts to the Heart.

My Gut’s job

Next, we bring in the Gut. The Gut energy is my center of resilience and resourcefulness. Of inner and outer resources. My Gut answers, “What resources are available to help my heart-centered decision become a reality?”  “Who, on the physical plane or spiritual plane, will assist me?”   “What gifts and skills do I bring to the situation that will help move this forward?”

How I let my Heart lead: a story

My Head knew we needed a doggie companion for Newt. And my Heart loved having two dogs. Finally, my Gut said this cute guy needed a playmate that could play with him and help wear him out.

When I saw her picture, my Heart instantly knew we should adopt Molly, a 15-pound Chihuahua-Boxer mix.

Next, my Head kicked in to discover fact about her previous experiences. Sadly, she was rehomed at least twice; the second time by a couple about our age. My Head made sure we asked if she got along with other dogs.  In response, her foster Mom assured us she did; Molly was currently living with five other fosters and having a ball. We also asked for proof that she would be okay with cats, and received a yes.

Then my Gut stepped forward. We had been able to help previous rescue dogs figure out how to settle into a family. For sure, my animal communication and energy healing skills would come in handy. So we had some experience to help Molly become a part of the family.

When Molly came home, we realized she would need a lot more help that we had expected. Both my husband’s Heart and my Heart chose to lead with compassion for Molly. We committed to be her final home no matter what. And our Heads and Guts continue to work together to find and use whatever resources to help her live happily with us.

I can help your adopted animal know that you’re their forever home!

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Have you made a Heart-centered decision about one of your animals? I’d love to hear about it!