Dear beloved guardian,

Yes, this is an open letter from your cat! You know those times where I jump on you, twirl around three times, and finally curl up into a small ball of fur so I can sleep FOREVER in your lap or on your stomach…or neck? Sometimes I reach out and gently place my paw on your face. And you finally move only when a bathroom break becomes a physical imperative?

I feel connected to you

I do that because I feel deeply connected to you and loved by you. I’m sharing waves and waves of love to help you reconnect to all that’s good in the world.  You deserve to feel that all way down to the depths of your soul —down to your toes. We always want to remember how lucky we are that we found each other!

I’d like to deepen our connection

You know what? I want to connect even deeper and more clearly!

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could tell you how I’m feeling physically when you know something’s off?

Or I could tell you the “why” behind my behavioral/emotional issues? I know you THINK you know, but I’d love to share my side of the story. We might figure something out that would make us both happier.

And sometimes I want to know what you’re thinking or doing.

I get confused and worried when there are changes in the household or you have strong emotions and I don’t understand what’s going on. I’d love to chat so I could feel safe and loved and connected to you even as our life changes.

I heard about Maribeth’s program

I heard Maribeth created a program so we could start checking in with each and really communicate. Really communicate! You will finally get more information than just my behaviors are giving you. You might learn to pick up thoughts, emotions, memories, and even how I’m feeling physically.


Maribeth’s program is called UConnect (that’s a cool name, right?)

Learn more or register!


Your sweet kitty cat

P.S. Maribeth made me tell you that all pets are welcome…even dogs! As a cat, I am shocked that she associates with dogs. But she said I should be more open to diversity in the pet world – it’s good for my spiritual development. Whatever

Learn More & Register!