Linda R. forwarded me a Letter from God to a little girl. God wrote to Meredith, whose dog, Abbey, just died.  Meredith asked God to take care of Abbey. I believe the chain letter email was based on this wonderful video from Trùm Phim Rạp’s YouTube channel.

Sad Story: Letter from God about Abbey (dog dead) - We are in tears

In her email, Linda shared,

“I am not sure if you ever read this chain letter, but I thought it was beautiful. Still, it was missing more “meat” regarding where Abbey goes and how she is. Something that would give us mere mortals comfort.

“After reading it, it seemed “light” on God’s part – to us about how we could contextualize the hurt of her no longer being with us. I just felt God didn’t say quite enough…

“So I wondered, if you were writing on behalf of God, what would you have added?”

Me writing a Letter from God?

I wonder, “Am I up to the task?” But since I included a chapter about children grieving in my Amazon bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions, I decided to give it a try.

Just to be clear, this letter is from me. I’m just writing on God’s behalf as best I can. I’m sharing the comforting words I’ve heard during my work with animals who transitioned.

Maribeth’s Letter from God

Dear Meredith,

I’m so glad you wrote me! Getting to talk with you makes me “ice cream and cake” happy!

I always send someone to be there when animals pass into heaven. Most times, it’s another animal they know who’s already in heaven. Sometimes it’s a person they know. And sometimes a lot of animals and people show up!

Speaking of “ice cream and cake,” Abbey’s going to heaven was like a surprise party! She saw the people and animals I sent and heard them say, “C’mon Abbey! Time to come with us. You’re going to feel so much better!” Lots of tail wages and smiles all around.

Abbey felt their love and knew she was going to be just fine. And when she stepped out of her body, she shook herself and said, “Wow! This is great! I feel so good! You are right!”

Letter from God: What’s Abbey up to now?

She runs, walks and plays with dogs, people and other critters as much as she chooses. She gets to pick the places she want to play just by thinking about it. Abbey’s never lonely.

I know how much you miss Abbey. That’s why I set it up so she can see and visit you any time. You can ask her to visit, too. I set it up like that because I know she still loves. She’ll always love you.

So if you think you feel or hear or see her, even in your dreams, you did! She was there. And even if you don’t, she’s still visiting. Just being a little sneaky.

God might give Abbey a job

If she wants to do something different, she can ask me for a job. That’s her choice, because we don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do here.

So, she might be your guardian angel and keep you safe. Or she might greet other dogs who come to heaven after her. Oh yes, and she might even help your family find your next pet. Isn’t that cool?

God asks Abbey to connect

Just for fun, I’ll ask Abbey to wag her tail on the floor like she used to do. Listen for that “thump, thump, thump,” Meredith. She wants you to know how she loves you and how loved she feels even now.

Affectionately,  God

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How did you know your children were grieving the loss of their pet?