Have you discovered the podcast “Let’s Talk to Animals” with Shannon Cutts? In our interview, Shannon and I had a chance to share all about animal communication. I have shortened this conversation for brevity and clarity,

Listen to my podcast interview.

The beginning phase of talking to animals

Shannon: When I started communicating with animals, parts of myself turned on extra senses and deeper abilities.  We’re never too old to learn something new about ourselves.

Maribeth: I think we all (all humans) have what we need to connect with our animals. Because it’s part of our nervous system to process energy coming into our field. But it shows up differently for different people. We may “know,” see, or hear their communication in our mind. Or we may we feel their emotions or physical sensations in our body.

Are we really talking to our animals?

But the problem is it sounds like it’s our own brain. Like we made it up.

So how do you know you’re intuitively connected? For me, it was a knowing, or a sensation in my head. Find some experience that’s true for you.

The best practice is to believe that your dog, cat, bird or turtle shared something with you. It happened! Tell yourself. ‘I just heard him say …,’ or ‘I saw this in my mind… and it didn’t come from me.’ Push past your doubting, logical side to say to your animal, ‘I got it. Thank you. Yeah, give me more.’

Shannon: Our eyes aren’t actually seeing, they’re sending information to the brain and the brain is making the picture for us. Same thing with the ears. So when energetic information comes in, that part of the brain says, ‘Oh yeah let me translate this into a picture.’

Maribeth: Embrace your imagination! Imagination is the gateway to intuition. Find the childlike wonder again. “What am I feeling, what am I seeing, what am I experiencing?”

And open your heart to the animal because this amplifies the connection. No need to be a Reiki Master. It’s such a simple technique.

Shannon: What helps you to connect to beings that you didn’t already know? It’s curiosity, interest.  Asking questions.  Animals love to share information. And you know, it happens in stages. I love how you touched on the fact that we all have a pathway. For me, it’s always been either conversationally or, just these deep knowings where I don’t really know how I know this, I just know.

Talking to animals in families

Maribeth:  I generally work with families. I work with end-of-life issues, behavioral issues, physical issues, and sharing information as families change.

In my work, I touch on things that are near and dear to peoples’ hearts. For people to hear what their animal is sharing, I learned to be a good human communicator. With that goal, I worked to share information compassionately with both humans and non-humans.

And I add healing into almost all communication sessions. Because helping people and animals release some of their heavy emotions and beliefs supports good relationships.

Learning to talk to animals in your own family

Finally, I created a UConnect animal communication class. It’s unique because it’s for people who want to communicate with their own animals. At this point in their life, they’re not interested in becoming professional animal communicators.  We focus on animal communication, of course, but I give everybody a taste of energy healing. This is my contribution to a vision I had early on:

My vision: “To have an animal communicator in every family,

every veterinary office, every animal shelter, every sanctuary.”

Learn more about UConnect!