hen you get ready to leave your pet while on vacation, you might focus on your animals’ anxiety. But you don’t always acknowledge you have some anxiety, too. You can be worried about traveling without your pet.

For instance, you might be thinking:

  • Are they going to be OK while I’m gone?
  • Will they eat and play?
  • Do they hold a grudge against me? (Some cats and dogs act standoffish or distant when we return.)

Your separation anxiety affects your pets

You can find many good articles about ensuring your animals are OK while you’re gone. But let’s focus on what you can do for your separation anxiety.

Maybe you’ve noticed times when your animals clearly respond to how you’re feeling. They may comfort you if you’re sick or sad, stay by your side. Or they may become more anxious if you’re anxious or more joyful and playful when you’re happy.

Managing your anxiety will help your pet. Why? Because they can feel your anxiety, even when you’re separated – you are that connected!

Decrease your separation anxiety

All you need is imagination, emotion and, well, a bit of faith that you’re really connecting to your animals!

Before traveling without your pet

Do the planning, then turn it over

Of course, you must figure out how they’ll be taken care of while you’re gone. Once you made the best plans, turn in over.

Turning it over means letting go, trusting you’ve done all you can. I personally “turn it over” to Creator. Ask Creator (or whomever) to watch over them or send someone to keep an eye on them for me. Then say thank you and relax, trusting you’ve been heard. I don’t expect that everything will be perfect, but I know I’ve done all I can. And that’s good enough.

Share your plans with your animals

When the luggage comes out, tell your animals what’s going to happen. Picture in your mind the person who’s watching them or the place they’re going to stay as you speak to them. Tell them how many days you’ll be gone – either by showing sunrises or sunsets for each day you’re gone. Show yourself coming back on that final day.

Give them permission to party

Tell them you’re going to do some fun stuff, so they can do the same! Maybe not “wreck the house” kind of parties. But they can continue to do the things that make them happy. Just in case, tell them they don’t need to mope or worry as a way of showing their loyalty. The real way to make you happy is for them to be happy.

While you’re on vacation, practice the Energetic Green Smoothie ℠ or Lighthouse

I developed these energetic ways of connecting with our animals. They decrease our anxiety or worry about being on vacation, which helps our pets relax. You don’t have to do it for a long period. But doing it daily is helpful.

Energetic Green Smoothie ℠

Green Smoothie leaving your pets while on vacation

Picture green light filled with love coming out of your heart to theirs and returning. If there are more than just two of you, visualize everyone in a circle. Next, see that green light of love connecting from heart to heart and see the light moving through everyone’s heart. This way, they feel your love and connection.

The Lighthouse

Instead of projecting worry or anxiety, pretend you’re a lighthouse projecting love to them. Imagine they’re looking up and seeing that beam of light coming at them and guiding them back to their connection with you. They know you’re still thinking of them.

Remind them you’re coming home

First, picture your animals in your imagination. Then, show them (imagine you’re seeing) the number of sunrises left before you come home. On the last sunrise, picture yourself picking them up or walking in the door.

After you return

Hippie Love Fest!

Before life gets back to human busy-ness, hang out with them and tell them, “See, I told you I’d be back! I missed you and here I am.” Spend time doing whatever makes them happy – petting them, playing with them, treats. No need for psychedelics (in fact, not a good idea), beads or tie-dye T-shirts. Just spend time with them.

Want me to do this for you?

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