Yes, massage is good for your dog! It’s good for horses and cats, too. Massage therapy positively affects the animal’s body and psyche. We hear about arthritis as a problem for our aging animals, but we don’t hear about muscle tightness. Not sure why!

I’ve been massaging my dogs for years!

They LOVE it! More accurately, they beg for it – Tibor shows me his neck as if to say, “Hey, do that thing you do!! I love it!” My old dog Mitsubishi would lie on his back and stick out a back leg at me, clearly saying, “Get to work! Got muscles that need help!”

It’s good for them. My dogs Tibor and Stella are getting up in years, but still climb the stairs and crazy run on a regular basis. That’s because flexible muscles increase mobility and decrease leg/shoulder/knee/hip pain.

My cats are a work in progress

cat massage

I am gingerly trying out more massage with my cats Shadow, Bunnie and Mac. They love their neck massages, so we’ll see where we go next. Wish me luck!


Books by Veterinarian Michael W. Fox

I also bought Dr. Michael W. Fox’ books, The Healing Touch for Cats and The Healing Touch for Dogs. I found them useful and clear.  You can learn some easy techniques from Dr. Fox’s books. He shares how massage is good for dogs and other animals.

Massage (from Dr. Fox):

  • Helps discover trouble spots on your animal’s body. We might find infections, painful spots or growths that might need a veterinarian’s care.
  • Assists those suffering from impaired heart or kidney function
  • Enhances postoperative recovery
  • Acts as a catalyst for convalescence from sickness
  • Can be an adjunct to intensive case in cases of shock and severe debility
  • Deepens your bond with your animal

Massage therapists for animals

And there are massage therapists for animals who can do massage. If you use them for your animal, ask them to show you techniques  you can do at home.

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Do you massage your animals? I’d love to hear about your experience!