Most people contact an animal communicator when they have a problem or worry. As a problem solver, I like that. Wait, let me clarify! I don’t like that you have a problem with your animal, worry about their health or wonder if they’re ready to leave the planet. But I love helping you all!

Sometimes you might want to contact an animal communicator at the beginning of the relationship.

Contacting an animal communicator – as she begins riding horses again

A client (“Anne”) decided it was time to hone her horse-riding skills. She reached out to me to help her bond with the horse she leased (“Jane”). First, we discovered Jane’s personality, likes and dislikes. Jane told us she wanted more unstructured interactions. So Anne decided to include regular trail rides with Jane. I could feel Jane was pleased and shared her excitement with Anne.

Faking an injury?

The trainer thought Jane faked a limp to get out of work. That could be true. But to verify, I did a quick medical scan. I felt neck and shoulder issues; it seemed the saddle didn’t fit right. Anne brought a new saddle to her next session with Jane and noticed a difference in Jane’s behavior right away!

Helping Anne improve her skills

We also asked Jane to help Anne improve her skills by following Anne’s commands.  That way, Jane receives the goodies she loves – apples, carrots, affection, and breaks from training. Jane shared her affection for Anne, which I was delighted to tell Anne about. A wonderful working relationship and friendship is blooming.

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Contacting an animal communicator  – when bringing home a foster or shelter dog

Imagine moving from a home to a shelter, then to another home and then to another home. Without explanation. Dogs I’ve worked with wonder, “Is it something I did? Can I open my heart and relax this time?”

I love telling them this is their forever home. They hit the jackpot of good endings! I explain that every day they wake up, they will be with these people – their people. And I send healing energy to release fears and sadness. This is so they let go of the past and enjoy the good life!

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