Why would I care about the intuitive gifts of Nature? Because my connection with Nature is the foundation of my animal communication abilities. This is why I was drawn to animal communication.

Some of my fondest memories as a kid were searching for critters in the stream and fields by our house.  I loved hanging outside!

And my first spiritual experience occurred in the woods near my house – read my bio  if you want to know more!

Open yourself up to the intuitive gifts of nature

It’s good for your well being! And you can open and increase your own intuitive abilities through tuning into Spirit/Creator through Nature.

Spirit/Creator communicates through Nature

Spirit uses all of Nature to bring us messages if we learn how to listen. This deepens our enjoyment of our time outside. I love tuning into messages. It adds a whole new dimension to my time outside.

It’s part of our human story

Back in the day, our ancestors saw hidden messages in animals and all of Nature. They used these messages to understand the world around them. It gave them information about how to make their way in the world

These intuitive gifts of Nature aren’t superstition

Open yourself up to the possibility. It’s a gift of to gain truths other than through rational thought. . A great read is Native American Scholar, Vine Deloria Jr.’s The World We Used to Live In.

Try these simple practices to get information:

  • Notice the animals who show up when you go outside or on your walk.
  • Note especially the animals who show up in an unusual way. For instance, a fox crossed in front of me from right to left and then back from left to right. She really wanted to get my attention!
  • Ask a question as you go out and notice the first animal you see. If there’s more than one, how many are there? Which direction did the animal move towards?

Next, look up the meaning of the animal on the Internet or in Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak. Assume you received the message. What advice is Spirit presenting?

Family members who passed

If a family member has passed (I include our beloved animals as family members), ask Spirit or that member to send a certain animal when they’re around you. Many people ask for butterflies or a red Cardinal. See who shows up.

Ted Andrews gives this advice

“The difficulty, though, is being able to define, explain, and apply the omen of Nature to your individual life. For this to be effective, you must be knowledgeable about your environment and the animals within it.

“…develop practice in seeing relationships, without forcing the correspondences… recognize that nothing is by accident or coincidence – that all things, all people, all animals have significance to you… [know] that the supernatural (non-material) world often reflects itself within the natural world.”

7 steps to reading animal signs

Ted recommends steps to receive the intuitive gifts of nature – here are seven of them. Be sure to download Animal-Speak symbolism. Doing all seven might be overwhelming, but practice those that you resonate with most:

  1. Experience Nature firsthand. Get outside in Nature.
  2. Notice/learn about the wildlife that lives around your home and town.
  3. Pay closer attention to physical signs of Nature – appearances of animals and birds; feathers/fur/stones; animal sounds.
  4. When you’re outside in Nature, pay attention to what seems to stand our most strongly – a flower, a fragrance, a tree, birds. Greet it, acknowledge it. Research the qualities and consider how you can apply those qualities in your life.
  5. Pay attention to the colors as they can be an expression of your energy.
  6. Notice the activity the animal is involved in when encountered.
  7. Meditate outdoors. Send thoughts and prayers to Creator/Spirit or Mother Nature, asking for signs and communications. Ask for a favor. Ask Nature to teach you how to speak its language.

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Would love to hear about your experience with receiving information from Nature!