919 King Street | Alexandria, VA
1:30pm – 4:00pm | Nov. 21, 2015
Register: (703) 299-9309



We will learn & practice a meditative technique to connect to our own animals and see what information we receive. This is a technique that you can continue to practice on your own.

It will be done remotely – you don’t need the animal present to connect.

We will also learn some interesting perspectives about animals that might help you broaden and deepen your relationship with the animal world.

If you do not have an animal companion, please get permission from a friend or family member to connect to one of their animals for the practice session – or you can practice with one of my animals.


One attendee will receive a free 30-minute remote session with Maribeth and their pet, to be scheduled at a later time.



I’ve had Maribeth communicate with my animals for many years. I had a horse named Callie who had terrible seizures. Maribeth helped me transition her when the time was right (she ended up having a brain tumor and had to be put down).

Since then, Maribeth has done a communication with several of my animals at once. We had my horse Izzy, two mini donkeys Joey and Teddy, my dog Quintana at the communication and she also talked to two other donkeys I will be adopting in the fall.

In addition, Callie, who had passed, was also present and came through during the reading as well as an old human friend of mine and Maribeth’s. It was amazing that she was able to keep all the personalities straight.

I always learn a great deal about my animals when Maribeth talks to them and I think it really does help foster a deeper relationship.

Her readings always prove to be true. You learn a great deal from them and I highly recommend them.

Workshop Details

Brick the Cat

My cat, Brick is so excited!

Or is that a yawn?

Well, I think she’s excited that Sacred Circle is hosting my “Introduction to Animal Communication” workshop.

Sacred Circle
November 21 | 1:30pm – 4:00pm
919 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Register: (703) 299-9309

$40 if you register at least 2 days prior
$50 after that

No pets please!

You will learn a technique to connect to your pet wherever you are.


About Maribeth:

Maribeth Decker was NOT talking to animals when she was a kid or through her early years.

Maribeth’s gift manifested fully when Tibor, her rescue dog from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, began sending her an image as he sat next to her.

This is good news for those who think they can’t communicate with their animals because they never have – with perseverance and intention, it is possible!