Can you imagine the gratitude I feel when animals change for the better after an animal communication session? I’m amazed and grateful in equal amounts.

No one wants to be mad

Imagine the gratitude their people feel. Or maybe it’s relief. For example, when a cat or dog stops making messes in the house, there’s less fussing (and certainly less work). No one wants to be mad or irritated at an animal they love. And nobody misses cleaning up after them.

When people and their pets negotiate a few changes to make life better for everyone, I’m so grateful. Like letting the dog spend more time outside. Or getting a bigger pee pad, so the dog has a clean spot to do his business without stepping on…yuck. The dog’s happier, the human’s relieved, and the relationship improves.

Joyful Healing

I’ve even seen animals’ health improve with energy healing. Once it took months, but we were able to heal a wound that the cat had lived with for years. It was as if the cat got one of his nine lives back when the wound healed. Man, I was so grateful and so was his person!

When I asked a terminally ill animal to stay on the planet until their person returned home from a business trip so the person can say goodbye— and they stuck around— I was crying and happy at the same time. Or when I sent healing energy to an animal and asked her to stay on the planet while the veterinarians worked on her— and she recovered— well, that made life so dang sweet.

It’s about Connecting

I don’t jam obedience down any animal’s throat. Or use mind control to get them to do what their person wants them to do. Or decide for them whether it’s time to transition. I’m just exploring, asking, requesting, and sharing information between the animal and their person.

When we find out what’s going on from the animal’s perspective, there is a softening in the communication. It’s amazing. When I ask for a change in behavior and explain how it will make everyone’s life better, the animals consider it. Many change as a result. I think it’s because they love their people and want to make them happy.

Sometimes it’s about Releasing

Sometimes I need to first help the animals to release emotions of sadness, stress, fear, or anxiety. By the way, their people aren’t doing anything terrible. Just like humans, each animal is a separate soul and reacts differently to their situation.

Other times, I need to answer questions such as, “Yes, this is your forever home.” “No, your companion Fluffy isn’t coming back, his body died. I’m so sorry.” Or, “Yes, that new cat or dog is part of the family now, they aren’t going anywhere.” Even assuring them that, “Yes, that was a terrible jumping accident, but they tell me you can regain your confidence.”

Sometimes we don’t get the outcome we hoped for. In those cases, I turn the animal over to Source with love and trust. Read more in my blog, A Visionary Sense of Healing.

Still, I see changes often enough to keep me motivated.

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