Dear Beloved Guardian,

This is from the animal better known as “(hu)man’s best friend.”

OK, I read what the cat shared in her open letter. Sure, it was cute and lovely. Seriously, I was enjoying that letter so much. But she just HAD to spoil the mood and take a swat at us dogs. Did you read it? I am quoting here (this NOT fake news):

“P.S. Maribeth made me tell you that all pets are welcome…even dogs! As a cat, I am shocked that she associates with dogs. But she said I should be more open to diversity in the pet world – it’s good for my spiritual development. Whatever.”

Typical cat, she’s purring, loving you, sweet as pie.

And then—out of nowhere—something sets her off. You know what happens next! She swats you for no reason. Am I right? Just sayin’.

Glad I got that off my chest.

But she’s right on the mark when she declares that we really love you

C’mon, look around—where are your dogs? I bet one of us is keeping you company right now. We’re within eyesight, right? Okay, I’ll let you in on a secret. We are members of The Loyal Dog Fellowship. We’re required to set up a rotation schedule to ensure you’re covered with doggie love, devotion, and companionship about 20 hours a day. (Sorry, union rules, can’t do 24 hours; even we dogs need a break.)

And who greets you at the door every single time? With so much enthusiasm, it’s as if you’ve been gone on an extended overseas tour for 48 months? And all  you did was walk out the door to get the mail.

That’s us. Your best friend. We love ya. We’re grateful to be part of the family.

One thing I can agree with the cat on: we want to connect more deeply

(And it’s not just about the snausages. Paw swear.)

As your best friend, we worry about you when you’re upset. Are you OK? Sometimes we think, “What have I done wrong?”

We wonder where a beloved human or animal companion went when they’re no longer in the house. Didn’t they love us? Why’d they leave? Am I next?

And we want to tell you why we’re acting “that way,” doing things that are worrisome or bothersome. Maybe you could help us out if you knew a little bit more.

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