Even if we don’t say it out loud, we may think, “How will we get through our animal’s transition?” Once you  set the date, what will help you, your family AND your animal through this transition?

I include many suggestions to help you through your animal’s transition in my bestseller, Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions. Here are some ideas for you.

Bring the veterinarian to your home when possible

I recommend this because I’ve experienced both ways – taking them to the vet and having the vet come to my house.

Being at home means no one needs to drive anywhere. Or must walk your animal through the veterinary office. Then walk back out the office to your car without your animal.

More reasons: You can express your grief freely in the comfort of your own home. Even better, your beloved companion transitions in a place they know and where they feel safe.

Check to see if this is available where you live. One that I’ve used is Lap of Love

Do something special before your animal’s transition

Ask yourself or them, “Is there anything they’d like to experience one more time?” Then do it!

I met a dog who wanted one more birthday party (yes, their people gave them a birthday party every year)! And another wanted to be outside with all the grown kids for the day.

See what pops up for you!

My own story from Peace in Passing:

How will we get through our animal’s transition?

My son’ Pat’s dog, Peanut the Pit Bull, had finally succumbed to the last stages of her chronic kidney disease. Pat scheduled a date for the veterinarian to come to the house to release Peanut from her body.

Peanut’s last day was a dreary, rainy, chilly day. It didn’t matter. Pat took Peanut to the Belle View Marina in Alexandria, Virginia, one of her favorite hangouts.

He put Peanut in a kid’s wagon and wrapped her up to keep her comfy. Pat, Genesis, and daughter Hailee pulled her through the nature trail – Peanut smiled ear to ear, so happy to be there.

My husband, our dogs, and I walked with them. Lucky for me, the rain hid my tears. Then we went back to Patrick’s house to await the veterinarian.

Read, Did I make the right decision at the end?

Discover comforting truths about your decision to allow them to transition.

Have a conversation with them

Describe all the ways you’ve enjoyed your life with them. Don’t hold back. At this point in time, I believe they’ll hear and understand.

If you need to, tell them why you made the decision. How they’re going to feel so much better in the afterlife. Like when they were younger.

Invite those on the other side to join you during the transition

Whether human or not, they are glad to welcome your companion to the other side. Sometimes relatives that didn’t meet the pet while alive will show up if you ask.

And your previous animals will show up, too, even if they didn’t live together. They do that because they love you and want to help your animal cross happily and easily.

Want to have a conversation with your beloved companion? I can help you:

  • Explain why you made the appointment
  • Share how much you love them
  • Ask them questions that could ease your mind
  • Tell them when, how, and where the transition will happen
  • Invite family on the other side to attend
  • Plus anything else that helps you and them get through the transition

Let me help you get ready for the transition!

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