Most times, we wonder, “Did I make the right decisions?” when our animals begin to fail physically.

We ask, did we miss symptoms that – if we had noticed them – might have given us more time together? Were we right to go forward with the procedure or medicine recommended by the veterinarian? Or if we didn’t follow our veterinarian’s recommendation, did we mess up?

Did we let them go too soon? Or did they linger longer than they should have or wanted to? Are they mad at us for the way we handled their release for this earth?

These questions haunt many of us. That’s because we care for our animals and miss them so much.

“Did I make the right decision?” doesn’t have to haunt us

At some point, I created my own Medical Power of Attorney. That way, someone I trusted could make medical decisions for me if I wasn’t able to anymore.

They gave us their Medical Power of Attorney

After working with animals at the end of their physical journey, I know our animal give us a spiritual Medical Power of Attorney.

We already know they can’t say to the veterinarian, “Yes, I’ll go through that procedure. I have the stamina and desire to live!”  Or, “I’m tired. No more procedures, let’s move on to a peaceful finish.” Instead, on a spiritual level, they look to us to make the right decision for them.

Our animals trust us

I strongly believe our animals consented to our being their guardians, their caretakers. They chose us as much as we chose them. They said, “You’re my human. Take care of me the best you can. I know you’ll make the right decision. I trust you.”

Perfect decisions versus pure-love decisions

Our decisions don’t have to be perfect. There is rarely a straight path from taking care of a healthy soul to caretaking of a soul whose body is weakening. Instead of perfection, we are called to make each decision with pure love.

In pure love, we ask, “What’s best for my animal right now?” And, “What can I do to acknowledge my feelings so I make the best decision for them?”

This document from Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center may help you assess your animal’s quality of life.

Trust that you made the best decisions

Release your need to make the perfect decision. Trust that your love was the best balm for your animal’s transition – they knew they were and are still loved. And if it works for you, believe that Creator helped smooth the transition and there were friends and family on the other side helping, too.

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