Is it time to develop your intuition so you can connect and communicate more consciously with your animals? And enjoy the perks of having your intuition available as you move through your life?

You can.

I interviewed Nicole Meltzer of Balanced U Academy who helps people develop their own intuition through her FLOW program.  Here are the highlights of our interview.

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Nicole Meltzer Shares About Intuition

Nicole shares techniques to develop your intuition

Here are a few ways to start developing your intuition.

“Describe your last vacation”

First, you want to understand how spirit communicates to you best. Some people feel things (physically and or/emotionally), some hear things, and some see things.

A great way to know how you receive information is to talk and write about your last vacation. Once it’s written, choose a different color highlighter for each description. For example, maybe highlight all of the physical words yellow, and all the feeling words orange; green highlighter would be auditory words. Then look at your paper. What color jumps out at you?

Now you know how you tend to receive messages intuitively.

“Power of Three”

From there, apply it in your everyday life. Nicole says one of the games that they play in FLOW is called the Power of Three.

If you’re contemplating a decision for you, use the power of three. It doesn’t have to be a big decision, it could be, “Should I cook [fill in the blank] for dinner tonight?” If yes, then show me three yellow cars on my journeys today.

So that would be if you’re a visual person. If you were an auditory person maybe you would ask for songs to come on the radio to give you some guidance. Or some physical feeling, like goosebumps when you ask the question.

When developing your intuition, “It’s all good!”

Sometimes we compare ourselves to others. We think their way is better than ours. Both Nicole and I were both kinesthetic receivers (feelings in the body) which didn’t seem as glamorous as those who told visual stories worthy of a Disney movie!  But as Nicole says, there is no hierarchy. It just is.

Intuitive abilities evolve

We agreed that we receive information in many ways now, not just in body sensations or “knowing” – information comes in through seeing, hearing, physical and emotional feelings, even smelling!

Paying attention/mindfulness is key to developing intuition. In our interview, Nicole shared a story about how lilies kept showing up in her life to remind to find out about her mother-in-law, Lilly’s well being. By the way, the news was good!

Two intuitive women work together

Nicole and I first combined our intuitive abilities when we hung out in Rhode Island. We decided to do it again during our interview!

Rhode Island Road Trip

When we were at a conference in Rhode Island, Nicole was sensing many earthbound spirits around the conference center and hotel. I think earthbound spirits are people who’ve died but didn’t move into a higher vibration – they’re stuck in the physical world. Nicole would point them out to me, and I would coax them into finding a path off the physical “plane” into a more spiritual “plane” of existence. We did some good work.

Then our friend, D., who was with us, had an emergence call about her ailing cat. Nicole watched as I connected to a D’s cat who was truly in dire physical condition. Nicole could see the connection as I sent healing and love to this cat. The kitty lived and this was the first time someone “saw” the energy shift as I connected.

Postcards From Your Pet

During the interview, Nicole watched me connect intuitively with six cats in Maryland. (I’m in Virginia, US; Nicole’s in Toronto, Canada.)

Their person, T., had bought my Postcards From Your Pet, where I check on animals while their people are out of the house – on vacation, back to work full time, or during major changes in the household. My connect helps animals relax, eat, enjoy their caretakers. Knowing this, their people have a more restful time away from them.

Nicole saw my aura change –

“So beautiful. So, as you were connecting, I saw a beam of light coming in through the top of your head and then it has been kind of flooding your whole aura. And as you did that it was changing from blues to purples. It was kind of like a marble, like the way it swirls in. It was really pretty!”

Then she saw the cats visit me as I connected with each one. Be sure to listen in!

If you’re ready to develop your intuition, check out Nicole’s FLOW program at It leads right into the FLOW membership. If you’re on Facebook, check out Nicole’s Tri Luminii trance group.

Watch our discussion!

And if you want me to connect with your animals over a period of time, check out Postcards From Your Pet.

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Hey, did you hear, feel or see anything while I was connecting to the kitties? Please share!!