We are connected

That part of us that cries for others’ tragedies reminds us that we are connected. The part that cheers for others’ triumphs connects us to them. That’s a part of you that I hope you will focus through the New Year.

I love this picture – boys in Pakistan sharing their sadness about the tragedy in Connecticut.

I saw industrious, talented people when I visited India in November. I continue to “wish them well” energetically – that they find the best life for themselves and their families.

I send my strongest positive energy as they confront women’s safety in New Delhi and other parts of the country.

I was delighted when Arab Spring began in 2010. I send lots of energy to that area of the world with the desire that they build governments that work for them.

Remember the Gulf oil spill? I was furious and afraid; I could picture the Gulf of Mexico filled with black oil.

But maybe that’s not helpful to my peace of mind.

So I set my intention (along with so many others) to send healing energy to the area to help everyone figure a solution before we lost a beautiful piece of the earth.

And animals in tough situations… I do what I can with charities and rescue animals. Plus I send healing energy whenever I see or hear the stories.

Heart-centered responses do make a difference

We are not helpless when tragedy strikes.

A heart-centered response – one where the heart directs the mind, the mouth and the actions – certainly brings a better result in personal, day-to-day interactions. I think it can help long distance as well.

Do what you can in the physical world, of course. But add the good intentions/prayers/energy to the mix.

If you can’t help in the physical world, I believe that you can ALWAYS help with your good intentions – thoughts – prayers.

How my family & friends helped in 1998

When my first husband died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 45, I had many people praying for me and the kids; family and friends at home and at church. What I wanted to do at the time was give up on life.

But I did not. I believe it was those prayers and good thoughts/ intentions that helped me get up every day and continue to parent my two kids and make a living for them.

For the skeptics

And the skeptic in me has to say that if your good energy/prayers only affect you, not those far away –

– that you, yourself, become more joyful, more at peace and that’s how you begin to interact with others — we all still win.


Just a quick story told on myself.

I had been going to a licensed social worker to deal with my many issues for years.

I was faithful in working on them.

One day after a really good session, I quipped to my boss, “As I do all this work on myself, I notice that the people around me are getting better.”

Coincidence? Not on your life.


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