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When I heard about the killings in Connecticut I wept. I still weep. It was as if I was part of the community, their families. Somehow it was my loss. Did you feel that way?

We are connected

That part of us that cries for others’ tragedies reminds us that we are connected. The part that cheers for others’ triumphs connects us to them. That’s a part of you that I hope you will focus through the New Year.

To Connecticut from Pakistan

I love this picture – boys in Pakistan sharing their sadness about the tragedy in Connecticut.

I saw industrious, talented people when I visited India in November. I continue to “wish them well” energetically – that they find the best life for themselves and their families.

I send my strongest positive energy as they confront women’s safety in New Delhi and other parts of the country.

I was delighted when Arab Spring began in 2010. I send lots of energy to that area of the world with the desire that they build governments that work for them.

Remember the Gulf oil spill? I was furious and afraid; I could picture the Gulf of Mexico filled with black oil.

But maybe that’s not helpful to my peace of mind.

So I set my intention (along with so many others) to send healing energy to the area to help everyone figure a solution before we lost a beautiful piece of the earth.

And animals in tough situations… I do what I can with charities and rescue animals. Plus I send healing energy whenever I see or hear the stories.

Heart-centered responses do make a difference

We are not helpless when tragedy strikes.

A heart-centered response – one where the heart directs the mind, the mouth and the actions – certainly brings a better result in personal, day-to-day interactions. I think it can help long distance as well.

Do what you can in the physical world, of course. But add the good intentions/prayers/energy to the mix.

If you can’t help in the physical world, I believe that you can ALWAYS help with your good intentions – thoughts – prayers.

How my family & friends helped in 1998

When my first husband died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 45, I had many people praying for me and the kids; family and friends at home and at church. What I wanted to do at the time was give up on life.

But I did not. I believe it was those prayers and good thoughts/ intentions that helped me get up every day and continue to parent my two kids and make a living for them.

For the skeptics

And the skeptic in me has to say that if your good energy/prayers only affect you, not those far away –

– that you, yourself, become more joyful, more at peace and that’s how you begin to interact with others — we all still win.

Happy New Year!

A Healing Story

This section will feature stories about healing modalities and experiences. If any of my clients want to provide a story, please contact me and we’ll share your story.

Just a quick story told on myself.

I had been going to a licensed social worker to deal with my many issues for years.

I was faithful in working on them.

One day after a really good session, I quipped to my boss, “As I do all this work on myself, I notice that the people around me are getting better.”

Coincidence? Not on your life.


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