Focus on our heart – that’s my best go-to response when I hear about or am living through tough situations. My heart cries for others’ tragedies. My heart cheers for others’ triumphs.

But I need more to emotionally keep my head above the water. I need to focus my heart on helping.

Heart-centered responses make a difference

We are not helpless when tragedy strikes.

A heart-centered response – one where the heart directs the mind, the mouth and the actions – certainly brings a better result in personal, day-to-day interactions. I think it can help long distance as well.

My friend Melanie sent me this video from the Heart Math Institute.

Study Finds that Love Synchronizes Our Hearts with Each Other and the Earth

An introvert’s focus on the heart

Being an introvert, you won’t find me in large groups doing good things. I applaud and admire those who have the energy to physically help through rescue work and other ways. That exhausts me, to be honest.

So my primary way to respond is focus on the heart. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Here are some ways I do this for family, friends and the world.

Energetic Green Smoothie connects the heart

One technique I share with many clients is how to consciously connect everyone’s hearts in the family – the Energetic Green Smoothie. Almost always, people feel the connection even if they don’t think they’re intuitive. And many times, they notice their pets relaxing as we practice together.

Just yesterday I did this for my family, including two dogs who had passed – Mitsubishi, who passed in 2012, and Stella, who passed in October 2022. As a result, I noticed that everyone was in a calmer, more peaceful state – one of the perks of being an animal communicator!

Sending loving energy

When I see an upsetting picture or story and feel helpless, I cover the picture with my hand. As I fill my heart with loving energy, I imagine sending it to that situation, especially to the animal or person. Even if I cannot change things that already happened, I trust that Spirit used my energy to assist the people, animals or environment in some way. Letting go of the need to know HOW, I know good energy/prayers are always powerful. Always.

Maybe surprisingly, even someone I might judge “bad” receives this energy. In my own way, Spirit is asked to open the person’s heart.

Heart-centered responses in the physical world

We can support people who do the good work we can’t do – The Orangutan Project, for instance, which I love. And I support the Chimbota Secondary School in Malawi, Africa by funding kids to go to high school and college.

How my family & friends helped in 1998

When my first husband died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 45,  many people prayed for me and the kids; family and friends at home and at church. What I wanted to do at the time was give up on life.

But I did not. I believe those prayers and good thoughts/ intentions helped me get up every day and continue to parent my two kids and make a living for them.

For the skeptics

And the skeptic in me says maybe your good energy/prayers only affect you, not those far away.  But you become more joyful, more at peace. And as a result, that’s how you begin to interact with others. Know what? WE ALL STILL BENEFIT!!

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