As I prepared for my latest UConnect class, I began thinking about how animal communication revolutionized my life. Because it did. (For instance, I got to meet miniature donkeys and communicate with a miniature mule at Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue!!)

#1 I’m more compassionate

Body with Heart. Thanks for signing up for newsletter.The people I work with deeply love their animals. And still, they’ve had to make tough decisions about what’s best for everyone’s welfare when there’s a behavioral problem. Here’s the truth – sometimes we’re not animals’ forever homes.

Some animals can’t follow the most important “house rule”  – don’t physically hurt others on a regular basis. Things happen, yes. When I touched a very sore spot on my cat Bunnie’s back, she scratched me. So I found help through acupuncture and we’re friends again.

With most animals, training, pain management or rehoming (to a house with no kids or other animals) solves the problem. But sometimes nothing helps. Then, the tough decision has to be made to let them go. I pray that we will find new compassionate solutions to help animals with aggression problems. In the meantime, Those folks who tried their best to help these animals deserve our compassion.

And I feel compassion for those who choose to manage their animal’s shortcomings (the barkers, house “pee-ers”, those with separation anxiety, for example) simply because they love them so much. I have helped in many cases, but it’s still a challenge for the people.

I judge less now. I’ve learned from animals who have passed on. They tell me they hold no grudges about when and how their people let them go. Why? Because the decision was made with love.

#2 I actually help animals and people

My work with Tibor made me see how animal communication could revolutionize my life! Tibor came to us with fear aggression. It came to a head when he jumped on the bed to sleep with me. That was no problem; we shared our bed routinely with our dogs and cats.

But Tibor growled and bared his teeth when my husband, Charlie came to bed. We calmed him down and went to sleep. Soon after, “T” and I discussed that he was a guest in our bed. And everyone else was a  guest in his bed. Not even the cats had the right to sleep on his bed without his permission.  Our bed was ours, His bed was his. He understood!

And I’ve been able to help other families figure out how to work through tough issues. We hear how they feel and figure out what we need to do to create a good life for everyone. You can read some of the stories on my Success Stories page.

#3 I’ve got more patience for my own animals

Another way animal communication revolutionized my life is having more patience for my animals’ personalities, peculiarities, and preferences. I’m not perfect. I still get exasperated when my cat Bunnie refuses to eat healthy wet food even after I explain the benefits. I’m a pretty good animal communicator. Still, there are some behaviors my guys don’t’ want to or can’t change.

Patience does pay off in some cases. Our cat Shadow joined us a few years ago and Bunnie was LIVID! She attacked Shadow a lot; didn’t hurt her, just scared her.

I’ve used my animal communication abilities throughout. Found out why Bunnie’s so mad. Turns out she’s jealous of husband Charlie’s love for Shadow. Both Charlie and I told Bunnie she’s still loved. Then I talked to Shadow to explain she’s a big girl now. She should stand her ground.

It’s paying off. They sleep on the bed together more often. And Shadow doesn’t run out of the room when Bunnie shows up.

Revolutionize your own life?

Animal Communication is a great tool! You can learn it through my UConnect class if that calls to you. Or you can book a session with me to help you connect. Even one animal communication session can help you be more in tune with your animals.


How have you found more patience for your animals? I’d love to hear!