I want to share more information on Hiscorbadyne from my colleague, Joan Ranquet on keeping our animals healthy through good nutrition.

Read what Joan shares:

“Ideally, the biggest source of our health and ability to heal itself would be coming from the food we ate. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables would have been enough.”

“Sadly, due to over production and depleted minerals in the soil, pollution, toxic water systems, not always knowing the source of where our food came from and genetically modified food, we don’t have a fighting chance without some form of supplementation.”

Joan continues:

“Enter Vitamin C. It has always been my go to, even before I started my studies in natural health in the 1990’s. I was instinctually drawn to it and the more I know now, the more I see what my magnetic pull is.”

“Vitamin C itself is a powerful antioxidant with many metabolic uses in the body. It aids in the production of anti-stress hormones and interferon, an important immune-system protein.”

“Of course, it is instrumental in helping circulation, tissue repair and adrenal gland function. It enhances immunity, helps with asthma, fights against the fallout from pollution. It is truly the wonder vitamin in this time of hectic unprecedented stress.”

“I [Joan Ranquet] have been a Dynamite distributor for over 20 years and I have to say, the Hiscorbadyne (vitamin C with bioflavonoids), whether for dog, cat, horse or human is superior to anything I’ve ever used.”

Dog (and cat):

Hiscorbadyne dogs cats

“Hiscorbadyne is a blend of flavonoids, OPCs, and related phenolic compounds that support the immune system, respiratory system, capillaries, and entire vascular system.”


Horse Super Stress

“Provides nutritional support for horses under the extreme stress of competition, illness, injury recovery, etc. Buffered vitamin C and pure amino acid chelates serve as blood builders, antioxidants, and immune system support.”

“There is also a human version.”

“And Dynamite has an enormously powerful ESTER C that is in each of these products.”

Let’s talk about bioflavonoids for a moment.

“Do you remember when you were little, and you were told that the orange rind was probably healthier than the orange itself? Alright, maybe your mom didn’t say it to you, but my mom did. I remember scraping my teeth on the inside of the orange peel.”

“An orange peel has all the flavonoids, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Flavonoids are strong antioxidant and metal chelators. Flavonoids are the chemical compounds that the plant produce to protect itself from cell injury, parasites, and bacteria. They protect the antioxidant vitamins from oxidative damage. They protect us.”

“So, if your mom told you to eat the orange peel, that is why.”

Are you seeking something to boost and protect your or your animals’ immune system?

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