The Healing Power of Art, Colors and Flowers doesn’t seem to be a topic for an animal communicator. But when we humans focus on our own healing, we do our animals a great service. We provide an energetic sense of safety and security for them.

I met artist Karin when we did healing for her kitty, Ollie. We had great success, which saved Ollie a trip to the veterinarian. (I don’t replace veterinarian care, I use it for my animals. But sometimes I can help an animal heal themselves.)

Please enjoy this conversation with Karin, who shares how she infuses healing into her art. This is a shortened version of our interview. There’s much more in the video!

Watch Karin’s interview here.

Healing Power of Art & Flowers


Healing Art is transformational

Karin shared that art, healing and evolving are intertwined.

For Karin, art is healing and transformational. It moves [life] energy from a place where it’s stuck or in pain, to someplace where it’s free flowing. Life energy is supposed to flow through our bodies.  When life energy moves again, we’re freed up from the pain or the problem.

Healing Art as prayer

Karin shares, “When I create, it’s a prayer. It is an intentional gift of love and harmony and light; a living prayer that is experienced by whoever sees it and for however long it’s needed. You may receive a new message every time you look at it, and it is always working in the background.”

Symbols heal

For example, Karin painted a series of free-flowing infinity symbols because it released rigid energy found in beliefs that were given to her and about her from institutions and society. The infinity paintings helped her to begin living more from her own essence and identify and express from her soul’s unique integrity and expression.

Transitioning to flowers for healing

At the beginning of 2020, Karin transitioned from painting to flower photography.

She reports, “[The flowers] just kept calling me, saying, ‘Come here, come here!’ ‘Notice me, I have a message for you, I have something to say!’” She amassed thousands of flower photos.

Transformation is available in every flower

Karin says “Flowers are a very timely energy. They contain elemental energy from mother earth. Each one is unique in design and color, yet they offer a similar message – “transformation into living in a more soul-centered world, where people are kind and true to themselves. When we’re kind to ourselves, we will be kind and true to others.”

Flower mosaics ~ Flower Alchemy

Karin’s flower mosaics use hundreds of flower photos merged uniquely with people pets and icons. This assembles a powerful and peaceful shift in consciousness given to us by flowers. Occasionally, she uses single flowers and creates montages. She let the flower choose the person and always finds an interesting unfolding of healing and transformation.

Maribeth and Shadow Flower Mosaic

Healing Art Maribeth Shadow Karin Edgett

Karin spent a long time creating this mosaic photo, which has over 256 photos of flowers in it. It includes messages that were channeled for me and my cat, Shadow. Karin calls this Flower Alchemy.

Flower mosaics for animals in transition

Karin has created flower mosaics for animals in transition from this world to the next. Their elemental energy helps bring peace to the transition for both people and their pets.

The healing power of colors

Blue brings a calm healing

One of the first colors Karin painted with was blue to invoke the energy of calm. She was working in high-stress industries and needed to shift her energy. “Blue still weaves through my paintings whenever I want to invoke a peaceful transformation or healing.”

Pinks open and heal your heart

Pink is one of the highest vibrating colors. Karin says “pink will assist in opening your heart ~ a useful color for raising your energy.”

Golden Sunlight is a pure gift

The gold of sunlight is a radiant color that contains all the other colors. This light is a gift from the cosmos, something we can’t really change.

When you allow golden sunlight color to pour into you and around you, you begin to access your most true and powerful self. It’s a potent transformational color. Invite it in, allow it to open your heart like a door, and notice the golden energy emanate out. Gaze at your pet through this golden light, and at others through this golden light.

Take it to another level by noticing the gold light emanating from others. Using golden light can change so much, so easily.  It’s not something you really have to effort at. You can even look at any negative energy through golden sunlight and help the world transform.

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Karin Edgett

Karin Edgett healing artAmong other things, Karin Edgett is an artist ( who works in the contemporary realm. Her medium is flowers, symbols, and words. Karin’s art is all about shifting consciousness with healing, prayer and unity for herself and others. Her intention is to create or agitate for a new, more peaceful and harmonious existence.

Karin started own advertising agency in Washington DC, which she ran for 20 years. She was also a foster parent, one of the most awesome experiences of her life.

Life took a major turn when she invented a wristband that monitors sun exposure. She did this with NASA scientists. One of her longtime volunteer efforts is working with the INSPIRE project, a NASA based STEM program in the District of Columbia.

Karin also became a certified nutritional cook and blogs about recipes.