Healing and communicating with animals (with my help) will awaken a deeper understanding of your relationship with your animal companions. And give you some idea of what to do as you move forward!

My energy healing path

After becoming a Reiki Master, I worked towards becoming a certified Quantum-Touch energy healer. So I was encouraged to practice, practice, practice.

Healing for Eddy and for me

I first practiced on my dog, Eddy. At the time, she was gravely ill and was not responding to treatment. While I believe that my efforts eased her transition, she still passed away.

The next day, I flew out to staff my association’s annual meeting. And of course, I was seriously grieving Eddy’s loss.

Astoundingly, I felt Eddy sitting in the aisle next to me on the plane ride. How lucky I was! She just passed, but knew how much I needed her loving presence! And her comforting presence was the reason I was able to function at the annual meeting.

Thank you, Eddy!

Mitsubishi communicates displeasure with my healing

When I returned home, we still had our Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, who seemed to have pain and stiffness in his back legs. I gently put my hands on him and “ran the energy,” to help his body heal.

This, I believe, was the first time I actually heard words in my head from an animal. Mitsu looked deeply into my eyes and I heard, “Don’t try that sh** on me! It killed Eddy!” Then he jumped off the couch.

Well! It was a successful communication but it wasn’t what I expected! Later, I was able to explain that my healing didn’t kill Eddy, but it did help her transition easier.

Notes to self: 1) Animals have free will, 2) Animals have their own opinions, and 3) They can swear! (At least, Mitsubishi could.)

A second chance with Mitsu

The story continues. Just before Christmas 2009, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear Mitsu panting fiercely. I touched his chest and I could feel his heart beating through his rib cage.

So I laid down next to him and this time, he let me “run the energy.” His heart rate and respiration returned to normal and we took him to the vet. He was even able to walk into the vet’s office.

Turns out Mitsu was bleeding internally from a mass on his spleen. Surgery and recovery were successful and the mass was benign.

Healing & Death Mitsubishi Stella

Snowmageddon 2010

Mother Nature gave him a special get-well present – the 2010 “Snowmageddon” in metro DC. It was heaven for this husky!

Mitsu always welcomed my healing after that. We had him for two more wonderful years.

After Mitsu passed in 2012, we got another dog, Tibor as a companion for Stella.  I started “seeing” or “sensing” disturbing scenes and wondered if he was sharing his previous life with me.

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That was when I decided to learn to do animal communication “on purpose.”

How can I help?

Here are a few ways that I have helped other animals and their people!

  • Discover how animal companions are feeling physically, and where the problem areas are
  • Find the energetic origin of a behavior or medical issue and clear it
  • Help you and your animal re-negotiate troublesome animal behaviors (ex: potty issues, convincing cats to stay in the backyard to be safe)
  • Assist you in releasing your negative emotions around a behavior so that everyone gets a “fresh start” energetically
  • Show you how to to energetically connect lovingly with your animals, even when you’re not home
  • Decrease pain
  • Help an animal transition with less pain and more peace
  • Communicate with animals who have passed

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