Why would we want to heal our animals after they passed on? Don’t they just cross the Rainbow Bridge and have a fun time? Yes, most times it’s an easy transition.

But for some animals, it’s not a clean transition. They might have lived through some tough circumstances. Maybe the cause of death was malignant. Or a chronic condition that wore them down.

Healing hospital wards

As I connected with more animals in spirit, I noticed some animals were being healed in the afterlife.  They were in “hospital wards”. And in those wards, nurses were bringing them back to energetic health. Have you heard the term “soul retrieval”? This is what it felt like the nurses were doing. They helped reclaim parts of the animals’ souls that had been lost or closed off during their physical life.

I was surprised! That’s because I believed animals automatically return to full health once they left their body. They’d leave trauma behind. But that’s not what I saw in those situations.

Can we help them heal after death?

Well, I’m trying it out. Lately, I have begun to help animals (and a few people) heal after they pass. Once I understood healing means removing or releasing a burden, I saw how it could help our animals – even after they left their bodies. Because healing is more than fixing the physical body.

We could release the burden of terrible experiences. Or remove the burden of malignant energy or chronic illness. This way, they could fully enjoy their afterlife experience.

Healing my cat Mac after he passed

I worked with my cat Mac before and after he passed since he had a malignant disease. Surprisingly, it took two sessions to completely remove the malignant energy. It was tenacious.

I did the first healing before Mac died and thought it was complete. But after Mac passed, I didn’t feel the connection to him like I did for my other animals. That’s how I knew something was off. There was a barrier between us. So I did a second healing, removing more malignant energy.

After the second healing, we were more connected. Mac felt more present. And I felt his loving, playful self again. I was so glad I did!

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