I want to give thanks for our animals. Join me!

Today, I watched my two white cats, Mac and Bunnie, negotiate a potential tiff. Mac was grooming himself as Bunnie moved in with her little punk attitude. “Let’s rock and roll,” she murmured.

Mac looked at Bunnie with affection. Instead of hissing, he licked her head three times. Surprised, Bunnie sat down and started grooming herself.

Thank you, Mac and Bunnie! You took me out of my head and into amusement. Just by being yourselves.

Thank you for the companionship


Stella Tibor & Mac

All my animals sit in the room with me, clearly enjoying my company without saying a word. Ahhh. I feel loved unconditionally just for being me. Never gets old.

Thanks for teaching me patience, Stella

My dog, Stella feels absolutely entitled to sniff every piece of grass that catches her nose. Most times, my other dog, Tibor and I want to move things along. But she’s 12 years old, so we stop. And stop again. It gives her so much pleasure. I remind myself to enjoy my time with her. I  remember that once Stella gets her quota of sniffs, we will move at a decent clip.

Dreaming on the trails

We’ve learned to take Stella to the park where she trots and runs more often. I think she senses how Tibor’s spirits take off and so do mine when we’re in the park.

I imagine we’re adventurers on these trails so close to the Potomac River. I think of the deer and foxes who use these trails. Then I dream back to the time of the indigenous people, wondering if they also had trails here in this area.

Thankful for Shadow’s affection

Shadow thanks


Our newest addition, Shadow, a black cat, is most definitely a “Daddy’s Girl.” Husband Charlie brought her home, and she is eternally grateful to him. I was a distant second. But finally, she has found me worthy. She now nudges me with her head, and on especially glorious days, sleeps on my lap for long periods.

How did a cat sleeping on your lap bestow a such a sense of privilege, being singled out by royalty? I don’t know. But I am truly grateful to be one of the chosen!

Birds keep me engaged

birds in trees gratefulI keep the bird feeder filled in the back yard so I can enjoy their company.

At times there are so many birds in the surrounding trees that I wonder about the old Alfred Hitchcock horror story, The Birds. But the only attacks are mild squabbles with each other about spending too much time at the feeder.

It is uncanny when a few of them sit on the tree in the backyard looking at me as I look out from the kitchen.

Ah, yes, time to fill the feeder! Thanks, guys, I’ll be right there!

I have been scolded for letting the feeder get empty. But I give thanks for that scolding because we have a small connection, a relationship.

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I would love to hear what you give thanks for when you think of your animals! Please share your stories in the comment section!