Trying to figure out what to gift that person who REALLY loves their animals?

Looking for something unique? Think about a session with an intuitive animal communicator (me)!

Help them have a 2-way conversation with their pet(s). Give them the chance to understand what their furbuddy is thinking or why their animal keeps doing that “thing” that is upsetting or worrisome. And let them share what’s been on their mind.

It’s been done, you know. A wonderful client of mine, Ellen, gave her cousin the gift of my Perfect Endings and Transitions (PET)™ package before her dog passed away.


Or maybe you’re the person who really loves their animals…

and your significant other needs some help figuring out what to give you!

Well, they could give you an animal communication session…with a few well-placed hints! Then you can have a 2-way dialogue to discover what your animal’s thinking. And share your thoughts and feelings with your animal.


Ready to give an unusual AND awesome gift?

Connect directly with your animal and have a 2-way conversation. We will do energy healing as needed. Enjoy a guided visualization to help you connect to your animal. We can do a body scan to let you know how the animal is feeling physically (not a diagnosis). This session can be used for animals who have passed.

Get right to the point! Depending on time left, we can do energy healing for issues; or a body scan to let you know how the animal is feeling physically (not a diagnosis).

  • Complete the payment and you’ll get a gift certificate you can print or email.
  • Your lucky animal lovers have 30 days to book their session!

Success Stories from clients