Who doesn’t like funny animal stories that remind us how special our animals are? Here are three stories for you. The first two come from my book Peace in Passing: Comfort for Loving Humans During Animal Transitions. My friend and UConnect animal communication program graduate, Donna, shared the third story after reading Wiseguy Dog with a Sense of Humor.

Funny Story #1 – Harry’s Messy Visits

A while back, I checked in with Harry, a lovely corgi, because his family wanted to see how he was doing after his transition. When I asked him how he would let his people know he was visiting, he said he’s be hanging around the water bowl.

“Seriously?” I thought. “Wouldn’t you rather hang out by the food bowl?”

“Nope, the water bowl,” Harry confirmed.

I shared this insight with his people, expecting a “Huh?” But they said that made so much sense. Harry loved his water bowl. He loved playing in it as well as kiddie pools. Later that day, I received this email from Lillis, Harry’s mom:

”I feel good closure now knowing Harry is happy and that he felt so loved. We have been alerted to the water bowl. Today, [my son] Sam and I went to Costco and when we came home, we found two places with water. One was in Sam’s room. We were replacing a throw rug earlier today in his room and his hardwood floor had been perfectly dry. When we came home, he found a small puddle of water near the rug. Several inches long.

“We also found a long stream of water near the big water bowl in the laundry room. Our dog Sophie had been in her crate, so it was not her doing. And our other dog, Gracie is a neat drinker. We suspect the water was from Harry. We hope it was. I want him to visit us wherever he wants.”

Funny Story #2: Cynder’s Naughty Behavior

I worked with Renee’s dog Cynder off and on throughout her life. Cynder was a mischievous dog, sometimes barking through the fence just to see if she could get a rise out of the people or dogs who passed by.

When I chided her for upsetting people and dogs, she told me she was having fun and didn’t want to stop. She found their reactions amusing. Yup, that was Cynder. Stirring up a little trouble when she could!

After Cynder passed, Renee called me with another funny story about Cynder. Turns out Cynder visited with her foster mom, Shana, the exact time she was transitioning. Shana had fostered Cynder for a year before Renee and her husband Richard adopted her. Cynder wanted to make sure Shana knew she was around by nipping Shana’s dog Alice on the butt. That was so in line with Cynder’s personality!

Funny Story #3: Danny, the Running Joker

Donna shared:

“My dog Danny was a joker and a roamer (back when everyone let their dogs out and didn’t worry about it) and had an excellent sense of humor, even when the joke was on him.

“He was out one time when I decided to go running (I was in high school), I was running down the hill on our street and had turned the corner when Danny came running after me. He then turned the corner and ran past me.  As he ran past, he looked at me and very clearly said, ‘I’m faster than you!’

“So I turned around and started running in the other direction. When I checked back on Danny, he had stopped in the middle of the street to stare at me because he expected me to chase him.  He realized I was not going to chase him, and he started laughing.

“Then he turned around and came running past me again and laughed when he looked at me as if to say, ‘I’m still faster than you!’   We played you chase me/no, you chase ME all the way home.

“Of course, he was WAY faster than me, but we both knew that.”

Have you experienced jokester animals? I’d love to hear your story – Leave a comment below!