I offer you four wonderful dog books that made me smile. As we weather the coronavirus pandemic, I decided this isn’t the time for sad endings (AKA “Old Yeller”). Honestly, sometimes we need “happy.” These dog books do the trick!

Good Dog Carl

By Alexandra Day

In these stories, Mom and Dad ask their Rottweiler Carl to babysit for Madeleine. We watch as Carl takes Madeline on adventures. But he always keeps her safe. Although this picture-book series is for children, I find it charming and funny. I discovered it when my kids Patrick and Andrea were small. And I’m still smitten. Even if you’re all grown up, this series of books might tempt you to read it out loud to yourself.

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Molly: The True Story of the amazing dog who rescues cats 

By Colin Butcher

Did you know that there are dogs find lost animals? Having completed Joan Ranquet’s Lost Animals class for animal communicators, I loved this dog story about Molly. That’s her job. Even though the movie Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, was silly-funny, there are bona fide lost pet tracking services. Google the term “pet detective” to find a lost, stolen, or missing animal.

Dog On It

By Spencer Quinn

Read how Chet the dog helps his private detective human, Bernie find a teenage girl. I love mysteries anyway, and this one is told from Chet’s viewpoint. It’s a series, too. So if you enjoy it like I did, be sure to read more about Chet and Bernie!

Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home

By Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

I love – love – love this dog book. Dr. Sheldrake shares his research about the telepathic abilities of dogs and other animals. He mixes up scientific research with heartfelt stories. Contrary to my opening paragraph, some stories may bring tears. Open your mind – experience this view of animals.

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What are your favorite dog books?