Are we we following our life path or drifting? I believe many of us are meant to open our intuitive connection to animals. Even if we’re not planning on becoming professional animal communicators! That’s why I’m asking.

Drifting along or following our life plan?

My good friend, Intuitive consultant Bob Hickman (who recently passed) said that before we were born, we talked with – God/Source (somebody pretty insightful) – and we decided, “Here’s what I want to accomplish or learn in this life.” That’s our life plan. We also agreed to experience certain challenges during our life to learn important truths. Just to make it Very Real, we forget that we agreed to these challenges.

Here’s a video from 2012 with Bob and me. The sound’s not great, but you can see how I’m beginning to follow my life’s path. Finally! (And my YouTube channel is now

Psychic Bob Visits with Maribeth Decker

Following our path = meeting our challenges head on

I see finding and following our path as meeting challenges head on and learning from them. Personally, I think the lesson is learned (the challenge is mastered) when we feel more peace – a feeling of lightness, maybe a lack of obsessive thinking about the issue.

When you think of your past challenges, do you experience anger, disappointment, a sense of failure, for example? Then those particular challenges aren’t quite finished yet. I’ve got a few I am still working on. 😉

Are any of them pointing you in the direction of opening your intuition to animal companions or other animals in this world?

Pointers for following our life path

Think for yourself

Compare what people declare is the truth with your experience of life. My personal experience is that the reality of life is much bigger than most belief systems can hold. It’s like trying to force the universe into a child’s sand bucket.

Don’t close yourself off from something that works because it doesn’t fit what  you were told was true. Be open and willing to let your experience guide you – embrace what works and figure out why it works for you. (I am assuming that I am having a conversation with moral, ethical people here. Finding your life path doesn’t mean trying solutions that harm you or others.)

What’s true changes as we begin to listen to our intuition

What’s true for you – and what works for you – will probably change as you move forward intuitively. If you keep this in mind, it’s easier to applaud progress and spend less time judging the steps that got you where you are now.

Don’t give up

Expect failure. Life is not meant to be a straight path.  The real key to progress is to honestly review what happened and modify the plan. That’s all. Don’t give up.

Change your expectations

You drift when you continue to accept anything you don’t want in your life. This isn’t an excuse to dump significant others, children, pets or jobs. It’s a wake-up call to stop ignoring what’s not working in you life and connecting with God/Spirit/Source to show you the next stop on your path.

Progress, not perfection

Although there is some exceptional instant healing going on in this world, most issues usually clear up gradually. My guess is that is goes back to our life plan.

If the challenges just cleared up – poof! – maybe we wouldn’t learn self-forgiveness, how to be generous of spirit, forgive others or whatever else we wanted to learn in this life.

Does your life path include intuitively connecting to animals?

Train with me!